Movieclips for Your Next Business Presentation

December 3, 2007 in iWork (F)

[] Toronto, Canada - November 30, 2007 - Better than stock video, offers a ready made video clip for your business presentation without the usual associated cost.

Ever thought your presentation could use just a little help with something unusual? is a new site that offers just this in the form of complete video clips that look like they were made for their audience. There is a choice from about 200 different clips, all professionally produced and ready to insert into a PowerPoint presentation. There's even a format for iPod playback. The "motivationals" are great show openers.

Movieclips can be purchased individually or discounted with an annual membership.

Movieclips are available in Microsoft Video (wmv) and Apple QuickTime (mp4) at a resolution of 720 x 406 in letterbox format, and Movieclips for Apple iPod (m4v) have a resolution of 640 x 360. All have a frame rate of 29.97 fps. Movieclips are easily importable, with no conversion, into PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. For video professionals, Movieclips can be imported into a digital video editing program or DVD authoring program.

Stock footage can cost hundreds of dollars for a single shot and needs to be edited and produced. Movieclips are more than stock video footage; they're completely finished. $3.99 with an annual membership or $49.00 per single Movieclip with soundtrack or $45.00 per single Movieclip without soundtrack. They have the look and feel of a custom video without the associated cost, whether or not you are a video professional. has produced thousands of business presentations with video. Now we offer our expertise in ready made movieclips.