iSticky 3.0.1 - Sticking convenience on your desktop

January 13, 2008 in Software (E)

[] Nieuwer ter Aa, Netherlands - January 12, 2008 - Since a long period, people use pieces of paper to write a short note. A task they have to do, or a telephone number. Although technology made progression, this principle of making notes never changed. Why not combine something simple as writing a note with the worldwide power of modern communication networks? This idea was the basis for the development of iSticky. iSticky gives you the possibility to stick little aqua-like notes and your desktop, and beyond ... For iSticky also enables you to send your notes to others by using Bonjour, Internet and Short Message Service.

For communication beyond your Local Area Network, iSticky makes use of the iStickyServer. This server directs the communication to and from your free worldwide iSticky account. It stores the notes you didn't read yet and serves you to synchronize your notes on the different desktops you have. Besides of that, the iStickyServer keeps you up to date of the status of your sent SMS and of the iSticky SMS credits you have remaining.

Safety and secrecy are two of the main issues iSticky is concerned with. Therefore, it has first the possibility to encode the messages that are stored on our server by using 128-bit AES encryption technology. Secondly, when you feel the communication with one of your contacts is confidential, you can choose to encrypt these notes as well. Just mutually agree with your contact about the encryption key to use. After both of you entered this key in the special encryption key field in the iSticky contact list, communication is smoothly encrypted and decrypted without noticing it yourself.

Having many features for you to manage your notes in appearance, layers, category or theme, iSticky might be the answer for organized and less organized people. Make the appearance of your notes as simple or funny as you want. Archive your notes to keep them saved on your disk without seeing them every time. Or link a file to a note. Selecting this file in Finder will make this note appear.

Our iStickyServer is protected very well. No message bombs can be sent via our server. Even when you get notes from someone you don't want to receive, just check the blacklist box in the contact list and this user isn't able to send you any notes anymore.

The worldwide note-service of iSticky is free, your account and server space included. Understandably, sending a note to a cell phone using SMS is not free. But even this service is offered at a very low rate. All the above-mentioned safe and extended note-managing features are available at a very friendly price. Notes have never been so powerful.

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