DropDownloadURL 1.0 Released

February 6, 2008 in Utility (E)


New York - February 5, 2008 - Limit Point Software announces DropDownloadURL 1.0. DropDownloadURL is a utility for batch downloading all resources, such as uch as images, movies, PDFs, software archives, music, etc. from a single URL.

DropDownloadURL will optionally aggregate the downloaded files into subfolders of the destination based on their extension. Each such subfolder is named using the common extension of the files it contains. So, for example, all images of type JPEG with extension "jpg" will be moved into a subfolder named "jpg" of the download directory.

DropDownloadURL can also be used to download individual URLs. This is often an easier alternative to using your web browser.

This functionality can be invoked in various ways for your convenience:

* Drag URLs from your browser's location field or web page onto list queue of the Status window.

* Drag URLs from your browser's location field or web page onto the Dock icon.

* Drag the supplied file "DropDownloadURL.inetloc" into your Safari or FireFox bookmarks bar (renaming as necessary) to create the bookmark.Then click on the bookmark to process the current browser URL in DropDownloadURL.

* Select "Download Browser URL" from the Dock menu to process the URL of the front window of your browser. Currently supported browsers: Safari, FireFox, Camino and OmniWeb.

* Select "Download URL" from the DropDownloadURL menu in your applications Services menu when a text selection is a URL.

* Drag "webloc" (web location) files onto the Dock icon, list queue or application. Note: Web location files are created by most web browsers when you drag a URL from the address field onto the desktop.

* Use the "Import URL..." button or File menu item to enter a URL explicitly.

When DropDownloadURL commences processing a URL the Status window is displayed listing all URLs extracted and placed into the download queue.DropDownloadURL starts downloading items in the queue immediately.

DropDownloadURL is a member of the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle that consists of a wide array of small task oriented programs: movie and image processing, file management, batch email, web crawling, URL resource downloading, and much more. Register once and own all of them. Upgrades are always free, and new products are always included.

Limit Point Software has produced software exclusively for the Mac community for over ten years. The application areas include web crawling, bulk email, movie processing, document search and much more. A novelty is our collection of "Utility Software" which consists of a bundle of independent small programs which lack feature bloat as each targets a specific task.


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