FTPortal 1.0.7 Released

March 28, 2008 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] New York - FTPortal is an application, contextual menu and preference pane combo that facilitates uploading files to specific folders on your FTP server(s). It is particularly useful when you need to upload files to the same folders very frequently.

You can upload files by either dropping them on a copy of the FTPortal application, or by control-clicking on them in the Finder to display a contextual menu. Both the application and the contextual menu can be configured for uploading to any folder of your various FTP accounts.

Each copy of the application is configured using its Preferences window to specify the FTP server, folder, username and password.

The contextual menu consists of groups of items, each item corresponding to an FTP server, folder, username and password specified via FTP URLs entered in the corresponding System Preference pane.

Feature Highlights:

* Upload files conveniently from the Finder using a contextual menu.

* Configure the contextual menu's FTP upload folders in a simple to use System Preference pane.

* Supports multiple FTP servers across multiple copies of the application.

* Can now display a directory listing of the directory it is connected to.

* A new option is available for zipping folders for uploading. The contextual menu will always zip folders; the app can either zip folders or FTP the folder contents.

* The contextual menu version has a new option for logging a directory listing of the upload directory after an upload.

* Supports "pre-configuration" files in application bundles Resources folder. The file is called "Preferences.txt" and consists of 4 entries, one per line (each line must end with a carriage return) : host, username, password and folder. Use the "PreferencesSample.txt" in the application Resources bundle as a template.

FTPortal is available for only $25 USD, or bundled with other products at a discount. Visit the website for details.

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