XChange announce release of InData, InCatalog and InCatalog Pro for CS3

April 4, 2008 in Publishing (F)

[prMac.com] Page, Arizona - XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release of InData, InCatalog and InCatalog Pro for Adobe InDesign CS3. The popular plug-ins are available for users to purchase as full versions or upgrades to earlier versions of the plug-ins for InDesign CS and CS2.

InData brings the full layout, design, typographic and picture publishing power of Adobe InDesign to bear on all data-driven repetitive publishing tasks. Users can control their design and layout by using InDesign's typographic controls for each variable field and for any intervening text, to get just the right look for their data. Simply put, InData works like a mail merge on steroids. Users write simple text statements to import and format their text and graphics. Then, with a few clicks, InData’s menu-driven tools build documents at hundreds - or even thousands - of pages per hour.

InData has a powerful English-like scripting language. Users can put any field from their data source in any order in the text flow, force page breaks, generate headers/footers, apply master pages as needed and more. InData's scripting language can be used to build simple or complex rules for including or excluding fields, pictures and static text. And there are no limits on data: records and fields can be as many and as long as need be.

InData is perfect for product catalogues, financial and legal reports, conference guides, abstracts, real estate guides, directories, trader and swap magazines, classified advertising, timetables, phone books, course listings, television guides and much more. Users can also import related graphic images (of any type supported by InDesign) into picture frames anchored in the incoming text (flowing with the text), and can size the image to the picture frame or the frame to the image using one of several sizing options.

With InData, users can create more sophisticated record templates that apply different formats to a field, based on its or another field's value. With this feature, for example, users can print heads and subheads only when they change, or generate a page break, given a change of value indicating a new section or subsection.

InData provides the ability to use multiple page layouts by applying master pages based on incoming data. And InData can be scripted under Mac OS and Windows for automation of repetitive single jobs, as well as large, complex jobs involving multiple imports in multiple documents. InData can read the full Unicode character set (that InDesign supports), in various encodings (which are auto-detected at input time) including UTF-8.

InCatalog is a powerful bi-directional linking tool for creating transparent links between Adobe InDesign documents and external data. With these links in place, users never have to enter or update their data in two places (documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from the most current version. Once links are established with the the easy-to-use linking tool, changes can be made either in the document or the database, and the changes pushed in the other direction with no extra work.

InCatalog's links are invisible to a printed layout (but visible while the user is working). Linked elements can be moved between documents freely without loss of linkage.

InCatalog can be used to update prices, graphics, or product information - even change versions or swap languages - automatically. If a user has different pricing regions, InCatalog can be used to swap the prices in for each region automatically.

InCatalog Pro is the ODBC-capable version of InCatalog and can update content directly from and to ODBC-accessible databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access, etc.

InData, InCatalog and InCatalog Pro for Adobe InDesign are available now through XChange International. To order, or for more information, users can visit the XChange website, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours.

XChange are a leading supplier of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. XChange offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site. The company are headquartered in Central London and also offer specialist training on many of the solutions they sell.


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