Contact sheet creation script for photographers released

March 23, 2007 in Software (E)

Chris Paveglio is releasing a new script for Photoshop that allows professional and amateur photographers to easily make contact sheets or proof sheets that include an ordering grid of standard print sizes along with each image on the page. The script works with both Mac and Windows computers running Photoshop CS2. The photographer can modify each batch of contact sheets with print sizes appropriate for the job, and even include prices or other text, as the text area underneath each image can be customized. Standard options for contact sheets are included, such as font, size, image sources, use of images in sub-folders, number of images per page, resolution of the sheet and color mode, and automatic saving of each file. Adobe Bridge integration allows for selections in Bridge to be used as the contact sheet's image source. Several templates are included, and additional templates can be made by the user. Variable data like date, time, and page number, are supported.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.4 or Windows XP, Photoshop CS2

The software for Mac and Windows is priced at $12.

Also available is a Mac-only image catalog program that builds catalogs via InDesign, designed for artists, image librarians, or prepress departments.

Chris Paveglio creates Applescripts for the publishing and advertising industry; as well as custom Applescripts upon request. He deals primarily with Adobe integration, and FileMaker databases. As a graphic artist he can create printed documents, video & animation, and web ready graphics. Visit