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July 2, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[] Richmond, VA - FMWebschool, Inc., Announces FMGreet, an Online Community for FileMaker Enthusiasts. FMGreet is a social networking site for FileMaker enthusiasts. FMGreet was created as an interactive messaging board for individuals attending Devcon as well as those unable to attend. FMGreet provides an easy way for all Devcon members to communicate and provides live information upadates and podcast to those unable to attend.

Why did we create FMGreet?
It only happens once a year. That's right, your chance to meet other FileMaker enthusiasts is an annual experience. It certainly doesn't have to be that way. Every year FileMaker holds a convention called Devcon with an average of 1300 attendees from around the world.

Developers en masse run from session to session and meeting to meeting without taking the time to really get to know one another. FMGreet hopes to change all of this by offering a website that actively brings the FileMaker community together - providing valuable information to Devcon attendees and those not attending. Every year developers unable to attend Devcon are left in a virtual information black hole. This is all about to change with our new campaign "No Developer Left Behind"!

FMGreet Brings the FileMaker Community Together
FMGreet is unique in many ways. First and foremost it was created to give the individual a voice. Visitors to FMGreet can create a profile, blog, post to the message board as well as communicate privately with their friends. A new exciting addition is our "Connection Questionnaire". The Connection Questionnaire is a series of questions that once answered we use our compatibility algorithm to match individuals with alike interest. This is a fun way to make new friends and establish new business relationships.

FMGreet doesn't hold back when it comes to features. Currently FMGreet is focusing on the FileMaker convention to add value to everyones experience. Here is what FMGreet has to offer.

* Message boards for General Conversations, Announcements, Consulting Help or Services, Youth Activities, Travel
* Personal Profiles with personal chat wall
* Podcast section to keep everyone informed of the daily events and new exciting announcements from Filemaker and 3rd party developers.
* Live Webinars
* Session section which includes all of the speakers, and a feedback section of speaker reviews
* Free SMS alerts - attendees can choose to be notified when events and sessions will take place
* Free blogging - Courtesy of FMGateway. FMGreeters can create their own hosted blog for free
* Private messaging all guest can send private messages to one another
* Session news and uploads - presenters can upload notes from their sessions and make them freely available to everyone

FMGreet is a free for everyone to use. Our goals are simple, to give everyone a voice, and to provide valuable information to everyone in the FileMaker community. Be sure to check out FMGreet and become a part of this exciting growing community.

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