MyStuff2 1.0 for iOS - Organize and Track Possessions at Home or Office

July 25, 2011 in Productivity (E)

[] Denver, Colorado - Maddysoft today is pleased to introduce MyStuff2 1.0 for iOS, the next evolution of their database and inventory app that allows users to organize, track, and manage all their possessions at home, school, or office. Designed to organize collections, music, movies, books, video games, electronics, art, clothes, jewelry, furniture, wine lists, appliances, office supplies, product inventories, or anything else, the app is based on user-definable Categories. Data entry is made easy with barcode scanning, Amazon integration, autofill, quick copy, bulk editing, and data import. The app supports import of existing lists from other applications and sharing data with other users of MyStuff2. Data may be exported from MyStuff2 to a computer or via email.

On launch, in either portrait or landscape orientation, the app displays the Categories screen. A scrolling list of six Categories is provided (Appliances, Art, Books, Electronics, Movies, and Video Games), and the user may easily add an unlimited number of additional Categories to suit their requirements, or the provided Categories can be tailored to their needs. Categories may be set up with user-defined Attributes (e.g. Purchase Date, Price) and Groups within a Category (e.g. Painting and Sculpture are Groups within the Art Category).

From the Categories screen, the user can open any Category or Group to view or search all items listed. A text-based search field is available, as are powerful search filters and sorting, a Category Summary, image browsing, and an easy-to-navigate thumb index feature. Comprehensive export settings and functionality are also available from the Items screen.

Returning to the Categories screen, there are three buttons on the bottom tab bar: Categories, Locations, and Actions. The top navigation bar includes two buttons: Edit and Settings. Opening the Locations screen displays three provided entries: House, Office, and Storage. Touching the triangle next to House expands the listing, which then displays the following Containers: Basement, Bedroom, Garage, Kitchen, and Living Room. Sub-Containers may be opened for several Containers; for example, the Bedroom expands to list Closet, Dresser, and Night Stand. All Locations are editable, and the user may create unlimited, user-defined Locations, Containers, Sub-Containers, etc.

From the Locations screen, the user can open any Location or Container to view or search all items listed. All of the features available while viewing Category items are available while viewing Location items.

Finally, the user may select the Actions screen to display three provided entries: Donate, Lend, and Sell. Applying an Action to any item allows the user to add additional information to the item, such as, who the item was lent to and when. Selecting an Action allows users to quickly see items they have donated, lent out, or sold. The user is free to create their own custom Actions or modify the provided Actions.

Existing users of My Stuff or My Stuff Lite will be able to get up and running quickly with MyStuff2 or MyStuff2 Lite using a painless, one-tap transfer of their existing data.

Feature Highlights:
* Create any number of Items, Categories, Locations, and Actions
* Categories can contain: Name, Attributes, Color Code, Custom Item Display including colors, Groups, Default Location, Product Mappings, Passcode, Images, and Notes
* Locations can contain: Name, Containers, Images (up to 10), and Notes
* Items can contain: Category and Group, Location, Attribute values, Custom Attributes, Action attributes, Images (up to 10), and Custom Colors
* Actions can contain: Name, Labels, Attributes, Notes, and Custom Item Colors
* Attributes can be: Text, Barcode, Calculated (formula), Contact (Address Book), Count (pick list), Currency (price), Date, Decimal, Duration, Integer, Location (address, GPS, map), Notes, Phone Number, Rating, Term (years, months, days), Time (pick list), and Voice Memo, Web Address, Yes/No (toggle switch), and user-defined Lookup Lists
* Add new items by: Scanning a barcode, searching Amazon, typing in the item values, importing items from existing lists, or importing items sent by other users of MyStuff2 or My Stuff
* Apply colors to Items based on their Category, Group, Action, or Attribute values
* Built-in, context sensitive help on most screens

"MyStuff2 incorporates a long list of new features and improvements, based on two and a half years of user feedback I've gotten about its predecessor, My Stuff," stated Developer Rick Maddy. "I'm confident that there is no other iOS app that can match the features, versatility, and ease of use of MyStuff2."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
* iOS 4.0 or later
* Real-time barcode scanning requires an iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod touch 4

Pricing and Availability:
MyStuff2 1.0 is only $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. MyStuff2 1.0 Lite is available free. Review copies are available upon request.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Maddysoft is a small privately funded company founded in 2008 by Rick Maddy. With over 20 years of professional software development experience, Richard's focus is on developing quality iOS applications, complemented by first-class customer support. Copyright (C) 2008-20011 Maddysoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iOS, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.