ShareTool 1.2.5: Access your Bonjour services securely from anywhere

December 1, 2008 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Chicago, Illinois - Yazsoft has released a major new update to ShareTool. Developed for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, ShareTool lets you connect to all of the Bonjour services on your home or office network from anywhere in the world securely over a 100% SSH encrypted connection. This includes iTunes Music Sharing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, printing, and much more. No configuration. No complication. No server or technical skills required. Just a mouse click. ShareTool also works with VPN connections. For anyone that's been itching to get Bonjour working over VPN, ShareTool is for you!

What is ShareTool and why should you care?

Scenario: You've just purchased a brand new iMac and MacBook and are simply loving it. You've set up your home or office network exactly the way you want it. You have file sharing between the two machines and can transfer your documents easily between them; you can listen to your iMac's iTunes Library from the MacBook and view your MacBook's iPhoto Library from your iMac. Everything on your network works exactly as you want it to and life is beautiful.

What happens when you have to leave (i.e. work or travel) the comfort of your new custom configured network? Wouldn't it be nice to know that with one mouse click you will be able to access almost everything you've just setup from anywhere in the world securely? Before ShareTool, this was simply not possible without an extremely (if at all possible) complicated setup even for those in the know. Not anymore! With ShareTool, that complex procedure is reduced to a simple mouse click and as a result, yes, you can be at two places at the same time!

ShareTool lets you access all of the Bonjour services on your home network from anywhere in the world. This includes iTunes Music Sharing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, printing, and more.

With ShareTool, you can listen to your entire iTunes music library at work, control the screen of any of your home computers, or grab that important file you forgot to bring with you. And this is simply the tip of the iceberg. With ShareTool, it's as if you've never left your own network. It's Back to my Mac - on steroids.

Some Key New Features in ShareTool:
* Simple Setup: ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP
* Easy Access: Remote services automatically appear in Finder, iTunes, and other applications
* Compatibility: ShareTool enables remote access for any application or service that advertises itself using Bonjour and runs over TCP/IP
* Security: All network traffic is strongly encrypted. Access to your services requires your Mac OS X username and password
* Dynamic domain name support
* On the fly compression: Transfer large files quickly
* Secure web browsing: surf the internet using your own browser securely
* and much more

What's New in version 1.2.5:
* New: ShareTool can now be configured to automatically email the connection info every-time it is restarted.
* New: ShareTool can now import connectivity information from user's email client for even quicker setup.
* New: ShareTool will now automatically re-email you if/when connection information changes while sharing (checks every 15 minutes).
* New: Clickable URLs included in emails for quick connectivity in ShareTool.
* New: ShareTool now detects when the LAN IP address has changed and updates mappings.
* New: ShareTool can detects when the connection is broken on the client-side (may take up to 3 minutes). SSH attempts to re-establish the connection before giving up.
* New: Bonjour listings are refreshed periodically to make sure information doesn't get stale.
* New: When connected through a router, a new external IP address is now detected within 2 minutes.
* New: When connected directly to the Internet, a new IP address is detected within 1 minute.
* New: When "Configure router automatically" is disabled, a new IP address is detected within 15 minutes.
* New: Tunnels through SOCKS and HTTPS proxies. (Mac OS X Leopard only).
* New: ShareTool detects SSH/Remote Login if it's running on a non-standard port.
* New: There is now a status indicator in the sharing window (Green when the Internet connection is active; Red when the connection is disrupted).
* New: When the Internet connection is disrupted and then restored, port mappings are now renewed immediately.
* New: Improved public key authentication (Leopard only).
* New: User will no longer be prompted for their key passphrase repeatedly by Leopard's SSH agent.
* New: ShareTool can store the key passphrase in the Keychain.
* New: Updated text and tooltips for Welcome screen.
* New: Copy button now copies the same text as the email.
* New: Updated text for the activity log "Copy" button.
* New: Made several changes to port mapping code in response to testing with Actiontec MI424WR.
* New: Increased UPnP broadcast timeout to 6 seconds (from 2.5 seconds).
* New: Increased UPnP mapping timeout to 20 seconds (from 5 seconds).
* New: ShareTool now remembers the protocol used previously(UPnP or NAT-PMP) and tries that first. This results in much less time in the "Configuring router..." stage.
* New: Added Spanish localization.
* Fixed: Bug causing old "Now sharing..." window to appear is gone.
* Updated: Much better handling of updates when "Configure router automatically" was disabled.
* Updated: Polish, French, and German localizations.
* Other: Various internal tweaks.

Supported Languages:
* US English, French, German, Polish, and Spanish.

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later; Leopard ready
* 22 MB Hard Drive Space
* Internet connection

Pricing and Availability:
* $20: 1 User license
* $30: 2 User license (Save $10)
* $75: Lite user license (Save $25)

Free demo is available today.

* From Dec 01- Dec31, 2008: all ShareTool licenses are 20% OFF! Details on our website.
* Feel free to enter our Monster Holiday Giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 4 packages each containing a brand new Macbook, 24' LED Cinema Display, and a 8Gb iPhone. No purchase required. Details on our website.

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