Ebook Shows iPhone Owners How To Read Minds

January 2, 2009 in Books (E)

[prMac.com] Ozark, Mo/United States - Millard Grubb has announced his new ebook, Magic iPhone Tricks. This ebook shows iPhone owners how to use their iPhones to make people think they can read minds. With over 90 pages of material, the ebook also includes some nifty tricks to make you the hit of any party or business luncheon. There are also some links to great free or almost free software that any Macintosh owner would enjoy.

Imagine being at a party or luncheon where you want to impress a client, prospect, or even your girlfriend. You ask your volunteer to pull out some items from their wallet or purse or even from a desk.

After a few moments of conversation and byplay, your volunteer has one item in their hand. You ask them if there is anyway that you could have known what they were going to hold in their hand before today.

Your volunteer says no.

You ask your volunteer to pick up your iPhone and call your office number.

The volunteer hears something like this: Hello, you've reached Millard's voicemail. You can reach me later, but leave your number and I'll get back to you. By the way, if you are holding something in your hand right now, I am getting the impression it is a stapler. Bye for now.

Do you think this would get a reaction from somebody? You betcha!

Millard Grubb has released an ebook that describes this this stunning effect along with two others in Magic iPhone Tricks. This ebook is not another tome about little quirks or jazzy things you can do with your iPhone, but an ebook with honest-to-goodness magic mind reading tricks you can do with your iPhone.

Millard was a mentalist and magician for over 30 years traveling throughout North America doing shows and training people how to use magic to make an impact. "Magic has always been a good way to get someone's attention. When you can supposedly read someone's mind at the drop of a hat, it makes quite an impression," stated Millard.

Millard has been a Mac user since the mid-1980's and has embraced the digital lifestyle with a passion. To combine his experience with magic and show business with an iPhone seems only natural. "Since the iPhone can do so much more than just take phone calls, I figured, there had to be a way it could be used to do magic," enthused Millard.

The ebook is over 90 pages with three very good effects using the iPhone. If people do not believe you can read minds after doing these tricks, somethings wrong. There is also some bonus material included. Millard has added a special report about how he has used magic to get into otherwise locked doors. There are several pages of links for free or almost free software for the Mac.

And finally, there is a nice report about using a Mac to create tribute videos for people still alive as a nice way to make money. This is a welcome addition in these especially hard economic times. The best part is that this ebook is only selling for 7 dollars. For that price, it's hard to see how you could lose with all the information provided. In any case, if you want to impress your friends with your mind and an iPhone, Magic iPhone Tricks is your answer.

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