Connecting To The Future - FileMaker And Dreamweaver Power

May 23, 2007 in Software (E)

[] Glen Allen, Va " May 23, 2007 " FMWebschool, Inc. announced the Dreamweaver CS3 version of FMStudio. Now FMStudio supports Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver 8 and Dreamweaver CS3 on both Mac and Windows platforms.

New Features and support for Dreamweaver CS3

FMStudio 1.4 offers new updates for Dreamweaver CS3 with even faster access to your FileMaker data. This powerful combination of new technologies will help bring FileMaker to the forefront of web publishing technology. The new features in FMStudio enable developers to do more with less code. Beginners in the world of FileMaker web publishing need not fear; FMStudio is a live connection between FileMaker and Dreamweaver. FMStudio enables rapid site development without hand coding PHP.

Creating websites is extremely easy and visual. Simply create a table in Dreamweaver and drag and drop FileMaker fields into the Dreamweaver work area. The Site Builder wizard will help you generate a multi-page website in a matter of minutes. Press the live dataview button in Dreamweaver, and just like preview mode in FileMaker immediately the pages are populated with live FileMaker data.

You are not limited to simple tables with FMStudio; you have the ability to use fields, scripts, value lists, portals, login routines and more - all of which can be easily auto generated by our powerful wizards. All of the pages created by FMStudio are easy to edit. FMStudio increases productivity by handling tasks that would take hours and simplifying them. Imagine a database with two hundred fields and having to type all of the code for each field. With FMStudio the process is simple. Create a table in Dreamweaver and drag and drop the fields. This greatly cuts down on the tedium of repetitive programming and also eliminates spelling mistakes or incorrectly typing field names.

FMStudio enables all FileMaker users to develop websites for their business, school or clients. FMStudio is a simple easy way to obtain new prospects and new business.

There are two versions of PHP written for FileMaker, FX.php developed by Chris Hansen and the FileMaker API for PHP developed by Zend for FileMaker Inc. FMStudio supports both. FMStudio supports FileMaker versions 5-8 and Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, DW8 and CS3. FMStudio costs from $119.99 and is available by contacting FMWebschool.

FMWebschool is a team of creative developers specializing in innovative PHP and FileMaker web solutions since 1999. FMWebschool focuses on progressive FileMaker integrated turn key solutions, training, books and learning resources to facilitate FileMaker web publishing. FMWebschool has a solid track record and reputation for outstanding customer support.