eMail2mySql 1.0 released

January 22, 2007 in Web Design (E)

[] eMail2mySql is a straightforward php script that allows the user to check email from a POP3 account, and insert that email into mySql. eMail2mySql incorporates error checking, and will format your email just as it would be when viewed in your email client.

This makes eMail2mySql particularly suited for subscribed email lists, where the user may wish farm a given list for information, as opposed to subscribing to the same with an email client and then archive all the email to your machine over a long period of time.

Along with the eMail2mySql script itself, the package also includes a simple but effective GUI, allowing the user to view email, as well as search and delete email too. eMail2mySql is normally triggered manually from your web browser, however to complete the package, there is included a 'trigger' script. This script can be included to any web page so that eMail2mySql can be called automatically.

Features are direct import into mysql; No more email saved to your local machine. Sports error checking, and during import will alert the user if any email is not inserted into sql. When eMail2mySql.php is run, it will thread all the email(s) in a simple list, making it easy to see what is imported, and what is not. It will also alert you to connection failures.

Allows the user to check email, but leaving them on the mail server. This is useful for setting up the script, and ensuring it is connecting to sql and your email account.

Nice GUI to view, edit, delete and search on records. I include this for completeness as eMail2mysql does not provide these features directly. Makes use of a simple configuration file to make all the necessary connections to mysql and your email acct.

Geeksuit is a website compilation of useful php scripts, and applescripts.


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