New Free Screencast of Xcatalog and InCatalog Now Available

March 6, 2009 in Publishing (F)

[] London, UK - XChange International and ThePowerXChange, the global sources for extended technology worldwide, along with X-Ray magazine, the publication dedicated to desktop-publishing, design, electronic-content creation, pre-press, and printing, are pleased to announce their third screencast in their TimeSaver:MoneyMaker series: InCatalog for InDesign or Xcatalog for QuarkXPress. The series was designed in response to increased customer requests for insight into the tools that are available to help users save time and make money in the publishing and design industries.

In response to users and companies seeking ways to work smarter in their publishing environments, the screencasts show the value of XTensions(R) or Plug-ins in increasing their production or in saving money. By taking advantage of this series, users can - in the comfort of their home or work environments - learn in just a few minutes exactly the kind of automation and expedition of tasks that these products offer.

The series of demonstrations, which will exhibit key features of a wide range of publishing products, will let users see first hand exactly what these products bring to the table. In most cases, users experience an immediate return on investment.

Depending upon the individual screencast's topic, the TimeSaver:MoneyMaker series will be available, at no cost, on: The XChange International website, ThePowerXChange web site, through iTunes , YouTube, Twitter, Quark, Inc., and Planet Quark. All three are also posted to

The Xcatalog/InCatalog screencast will show users the powerful bi-directional linking tools for creating transparent links between QuarkXPress or InDesign documents and external data. With these links in place, users never have to enter or update their data in two places (documents and database), but can simply update one or the other from the most current version. Xcatalog provides an "open system" database-neutral linking scheme between databases and QuarkXPress(R)/InDesign documents, automating the publication of documents ranging from one-page advertising flyers to 1,000+ page industrial products catalogues, and involving from a few dozen to 100,000+ data records.

XChange are a leading supplier of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. XChange offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site. The company are headquartered in Central London and also offer specialist training on many of the solutions they sell.

ThePowerXChange has been based near Denver, Colorado, since 1995 and distributes thousands of extensions-based products used with applications such as QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, After Effects, FreeHand, Painter, Premiere, and QuarkXPress Server, as well as many stand-alone applications for the designer, publisher, printer, and web-content creator.


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