Press Release Ironic Software releases Leap 2.0 for OS X - Search and Manage Files Jun 02, 2009 in Software Ironic Software announces Leap 2.0. Leap is Leopard only OS X search visualization software. Unlike Spotlight or most other search and browsing systems, a search in Leap reveals a surface of possible new searches. Using this surface, a content search in Leap can be quickly narrowed down by location, file type, or tag. Supporting QuickLook and integrating with other Ironic tools, Leap 2.0 is a whole new way of looking at your files. [] Toronto, Canada - Leap 2.0, by Ironic Software of Toronto, Canada ($59 USD) is a follow on to the popular Leap 1.0. Leap 2 brings more Leopard only features to the fold, while cleaning up the interface and offering new features. Document Management: Ironic Software delivers document management on the Mac. Document management is what you do when you organize files and folders. Using the Finder for this task is difficult, as the Finder dates from a time when having a thousand files to manage was a big task. Leap 2 uses an entirely new search engine, and unlike Leap 1, uses no proprietary database of metadata. In fact other than the usual preference files, Leap 2 uses no database files or other support files. This results in a product that is more scalable, and faster. Leap 2 fully integrates the new 'OpenMeta' meta data standard which allows tags and ratings to be applied to any file - with out actually changing the contents of the file. These tags and ratings can also be searched not only be Leap and other Ironic products, but by Apple's Spotlight, and other metadata searching tools. Several very short videos are available at Ironic's site which demonstrate the usefulness of Leap in several real life scenarios. As such these videos also compromise a quick video manual. According to the developers "Once you use Leap for searching you begin to realize how searching with Spotlight is really just a shot in the dark". Pricing and Availability: Leap is available for trial, and a bundle of four Ironic applications can be had for just $10 more than Leap alone. Members of the press are encouraged to email Ironic for a license key for review purposes. Ironic Software. Document Managment on the Mac. Our products allow individuals and companies organize documents, images and PDFs using, tags, color and location content and other meta data. Unlike expensive 'locked - in' solutions, Deep, Leap and Yep do not use proprietary databases, or force you to import your files into a library. Copyright 2009 Ironic software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### Tom Andersen CEO 705-888-4324 Canada