Interlecta Announces Upgraded Network Translation Service

July 25, 2009 in Technology (F)

[] Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria - The system upgrade that Interlecta started some time ago has finally come to an end. Officials from the company said that the hardware improvement that caused the downtime of the company's services was planned for the end of the year, but the sudden growth of visitors of their homepage and the increased number of users of Interlecta's applications necessitated earlier actions. In order to meet the traffic through their servers the company had to temporarily suspend the access to their services.

After a long period of hard work Interlecta's development team has finally finished the system upgrade and on the July 20th, 20h GMT 2 their servers were brought back up to serve the company's clients. The newly built system will be able to serve more users at a time and will reduce the response time. Other results of this hardware upgrade are newly added language pairs and new names of some of their applications. Some further enhancements are expected soon but they will not require any server downtime.

Besides their mobile translators, the company's development team works on desktop and social network translation applications. Some of the features of Interlecta's products include TTS (text-to-speech), OCR (optical character recognition) and image translation, mobile sms and email translation and a total amount of more than 800 language pairs, these including some rare languages like Urdu, Tagalog, Hausa, as well as Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Interlecta are widely known for their mobile translation applications for BlackBerry, J2Me and iPhones. The company was established in 2007 but has already become popular among BlackBerry users as one of the number ones in mobile translation development business.