Angries vs Flappies Coming Out Soon

July 9, 2014 in Games (F)

[] Manila, Philippines - Ever wondered what happened to the birds we love? Remember how we were so addicted launching the birds and aiming at the pesky pigs? What about that other bird we used to try to control to avoid hitting green pipes? Well imagine them both in one spectacular game. Cheech Games brings you the best of both worlds. Angries vs Flappies is the fusion of your two favorite games. And it will feature the birds that we all love.

Angries won the fight with the pigs, but then they became arrogant. They saw the Flappies and figured out they can steal Flappie Eggs without getting caught. They created a mission to do that, but then the Flappies found out. Now they are out for Angries' blood to get back their stolen eggs. Join the battle by playing Angries Vs Flappies and test your logic, skill, and force!

* Your Goal:
Destroy all the invading Flappies on the field by hitting one or multiple Flappies with your Angries

* Your Arsenal:
A slingshot..and the help of Heroic Angries at your disposal

You simply load the Angries in your slingshot, pull back and let go to start the destruction. Kill multiple Flappies to gain Energy and unlock the Special Angries. The more you kill, the harder Flappies will come out. Challenge everyone and battle your friends via the worldwide Leader Boards. Angries vs Flappies is to be released soon.

Game Features:
* Endless Base Defense
* Rapid-Load Slingshot System
* Special Angries at your disposal
* Different species of Flappies to destroy

Located in Manila, Philippines, Cheech Games is a homegrown app development company started by five Filipino friends who love to play mobile games, and together they aim to create new, fun and exciting games to be enjoyed by players like themselves. Now working with creative and talented friends, their goal is to create addictive games that will give both kids and the kids at heart an enjoyable experience during a break from school or work, while waiting for a date, or just in line to pay for groceries. The team has now released 15 apps, and will be releasing more in a few months. All Material and Software (C) 2014 Cheech Games / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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