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September 3, 2009 in Promotions (E)

[prMac.com] Montreal, Canada - Metakine today is pleased to announce that it has partnered with TheMacBundles to launch an amazing Mac software bundle. It features the widely popular Money, Scribbles, Speed Download, DVDRemaster Pro 5 and 6 other top Mac applications. Own them all for only $49.99 and save over 83% on the regular retail price of $366.18. Buy early and get Mac DVDRipper Pro and Narrator for free for an added value of $28.95. This is a limited-time offer so hurry and get your bundle!

This is a great opportunity to get your hands on DVDRemaster 5 and other fantastic Mac applications at a huge discount. For more information about our products visit our website.

What is DVDRemaster?

DVDRemaster is an application which recompresses large DVDs so they can be burned on a standard DVD or converts them so they can be watched on your video iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV and many others. DVDRemaster accommodates both novices and experts with its simple but yet powerful interface. It can either copy an entire DVD and keep all tracks, copy only the main feature or copy only selected audio and video tracks.

DVD backup made easy

From viewing your movies to selecting the languages you wish to keep and burning the final backup DVD, everything is built into a simple but yet powerful interface.

Recompress with ease

No need to worry about complicated settings; everything is summarized into easy to use presets. Simply select a destination device and you are ready to go.

Convert for video players

Watching your favorite movies and shows on the road using your video iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone or enjoying them at home on your Apple TV has never been easier.

What's new in 5.x?

* Automatically include movie information
Easily locate and classify movies in your library using titles, genres and many others. Finding the movie you are looking for is now a piece of cake.

* Prepare and execute multiple conversions
Never run out of movies to watch again. Prepare several conversion tasks ahead of time and let DVDRemaster execute them without supervision.

* Easily navigate between chapters
It is easier than ever to find scenes in a movie on your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone. Thanks to the new chapter markers, you can jump from one chapter to another.

How does it work?

* Re-compressing a DVD
DVDRemaster can work in two modes. It can either preserve all tracks (including menus, multiangle, commentaries, other languages, etc.) or work in movie only mode where everything but the main feature is discarded, thus leaving more space for the main movie and yielding a better quality of image. Advanced users will appreciate that the Pro version lets them choose exactly which video and audio tracks to keep or to discard.

DVDRemaster comes with Fairmount which is a free companion tool that allows on-the-fly decryption of DVDs. Once Fairmount is launched, making a backup of a DVD is as simple as dragging and dropping its VIDEO_TS folder somewhere on your hard disk. The resulting copy will be decrypted as it is copied and will be ready for archival.

* Converting to iPod, iPhone, Apple TV and other video players
DVDRemaster can convert a DVD to a video compatible with your video iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. No need to worry about cumbersome settings, everything is summarized for you in simple presets. You can choose the audio track from the DVD, listen to it in the preview and choose to include subtitles.

* Extracting streams
DVDRemaster also allows you to extract raw data streams from your DVD. You can reuse those streams in another application.

What are people saying about it?

Pedro Fardilha, review on MacUpdate:
I believe that for an app to be complete and good in what it does it doesn't have to need a cumbersome GUI. And so far the only one that does almost all that I need and has a nice and usable GUI is DVDRemaster. Metakine's customer support is really good and they always listen to what I have to say, even if it's just a small detail.

Review on MacUpdate:
DVDRemaster is one of the only programs that I purchased that successfully meets my needs. Two thumbs up...way up!

Review on Version Tracker:
I've been using DVDRemaster for quite some time, specifically the "Pro" version. It's a remarkable program that does exactly what I ask of it, and it does so with an ease and versatility that make it feel so "Mac-like" I'd almost think this program was commissioned by Steve himself. I've tried other competitor's software, but DVDRemaster performs better, producing a higher quality image by comparison.

Review on Version Tracker:
I have been using DVDRemaster Pro for almost three years and have been very happy with it. It does exactly what I need it to do.

Review on Version Tracker:
It is a great piece of software. I've been using it since version 1.4.1, and seen it evolve into an awesome app.

Review on Version Tracker:
All I have to say about the previous feedback is that he hit it right on the nose. Everything he said was correct. This app is great, fast, and just plain works RIGHT. I've been using it since version 1.4.

System Requirements:
DVDRemaster is an universal binary application which will work on both PPC and Intel based Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and having QuickTime 7.2 or higher

Want more information?

For general information about DVDRemaster, simply visit the DVDRemaster product page. We are committed to provide the best customer care. Hence, to get answers to your DVDRemaster questions, visit our FAQ page. To quickly learn to use the product you can consult our tutorials. If you can not find your answers in our FAQ or tutorial pages, feel free to contact us. We we will gladly answer all your questions.

We are Metakine Inc., a Canadian software company located in Montreal. Metakine specializes in the development of software for audio, video and image processing. The founders hold software engineering degrees and are passionate about programming and digital video and hope to translate their passion into useful and usable software. Our product line includes the widely popular DVDRemaster and Fairmount DVD utilities. In addition to our current products, we have contributed to various projects in the Macintosh community over the years. Namely, we have been involved in the development of the MediaPipe project which was a pioneer in providing DivX, Vorbis and (S)VCD encoding for Macintosh, OpenShiiva to reencode MPEG2 as MPEG4 and SonicBirth. However, Metakine is not only about sharewares and open-source development. Our broad experience enables us to offer a wide variety of consulting services ranging from custom software development to software performance optimization. For inquiries and additional details contact us.


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