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September 22, 2009 in Productivity (E)

[] Los Angeles, California - GreenGar Studios today presents its latest iPhone app, Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing - now available for immediate download. It offers a full-screen drawing experience, multi-user collaboration, the ability to draw on photos, myriad adjustment options, and a new online gallery where users can share their creations with the world. It already ranked 6th on the list of Top Paid Productivity Apps in the U.S.

* Unique full-screen drawing experience
* Collaborative works of art
* Take photos and draw on them
* Lots of adjustment options
* Save and share drawings with the world

It has been built from the ground-up to be easy-to-use and fun for users of all ages. An innovative 2-finger touch gesture brings up the drawing controls, giving the user full-screen drawing - maximizing the available drawing space to the iPhone's entire display. Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing can be used to create works of art. But Whiteboard is better because it allows you to connect to a friend and draw pictures on the same canvas.

This cooperative aspect of the new app works particularly well. By working over a local wireless network, users can experience smoother interaction and near-real-time speed. The app supports Wi-Fi when devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and Bluetooth peer-to-peer under iPhone OS 3.0. By selecting the Connect button, users can see who else is available to draw with on their local network.

With Whiteboard, you can make a drawing by yourself, or connect to someone else via Bluetooth. This could be a friend or family member with another iPhone or iPod touch. Then, you can work on one drawing together. You could also use it to play games that you draw like Tic-Tac-Toe, or annotate a photo or map, for example, with a note. The ability to upload your creations to an online gallery and have them rated adds another positive element to this well thought out application."

The ability to draw on photos is new in Whiteboard Pro. Users can open and load images, both from the Photos app - the user's Photo Library - and from the Camera, when the app is used on an iPhone.

A doodler can take a photo with the iPhone's camera, and directly load it onto the canvas. Then, they can use their finger to draw hearts, hats, and other fun additions directly on top of the Photo.

Users can change the width (radius or diameter) of their brush or marker, so they can make anything from tiny fine strokes to huge swashes of color; for example, to change the canvas's effective background color.

Whiteboard Pro has a new color picker which offers a full spectrum of comprehensive color options, and allows users to intuitively select exactly which color they want. As artists drag their finger across the spectrum, the brush preview updates in real-time so that users can see exactly which color they're going to get.

Users can use the grayscale range at the bottom of the screen to select any shade of gray from black to white. To erase, users can select white, and set the opacity to 100%.

It also offers an Opacity slider, a useful setting that allows the user to alter their marker's transparency. This allows much finer control over the way layering looks as users draw over previous strokes.

Once finished with a new masterpiece, the user can easily save the drawing right back to their photo gallery, so that it appears in their Photos app. From there, the drawing can be emailed to friends or family.

Whiteboard also offers the ability to auto-save drawings, a setting that can be changed in the Settings app. When auto-save is enabled, Whiteboard will automatically save drawings whenever the user opens a new image, starts over, or quits the app.

This online submission is a compelling new feature that also builds community among Whiteboard artists. Art can be easily submitted directly from the device for showcasing on a new online gallery of drawings created on the iPhone. These drawings can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection, whether mobile, laptop, or desktop. Among other things, users have submitted faces, portraits, sketches, and human renditions.

Hardware Support:
* iPhone 1st gen (2G / 2.5G)
* iPhone 3G
* iPhone 3GS
* iPod touch (all generations)

iPhone OS Support:
* iPhone OS 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0, 3.0.1 or 3.1
* iPhone OS 3.1.1 on the iPod touch

What People Are Saying About Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing:

"This is by far the BEST whiteboard app on the AppStore! How do I know? I've downloaded every single one. Great for graffiti (love the width changer) and just for average drawing." - Lukesdabombb

"A picture is worth a thousand words...maybe more on the iPhone." - bondvilla

"Well put togther. I love that i can easily share my drawings with my friends. This is the perfect "paint" app. Very useful." - debby563

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