Type Design Firm Canada Type Releases New Exclusive Font Packages

August 27, 2007 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] Toronto, Canada - August 27, 2007 - Digital type design and development firm Canada Type, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of three new font packages for the publishing and creative industry. Available for both Mac and PC, Jupiter, Vox and VIP fonts augment Canada Type's exceptional library of exclusive typefaces. All packages are available as Postscript, True Type and OpenType format.

The Jupiter typeface is a fresh new take on the Roman alphabet, influenced by many different historical interpretations of the Roman alphabet, most notably the work of Friedrich Poppl, whose rough Nero typeface was a very beautiful expression.

Jupiter comes in all popular font formats for both Mac and PC, and supports more than 40 Latin-based languages, as well as Greek. The Postcript and True Type versions include a font of alternates and a font of ligatures, both filled with interesting variations on the main character set. The OpenType version, Jupiter Pro, is a single font tied together with programmed features, and is best used within applications that support advanced typography, like Adobe InDesign CS+, Adobe Illustrator CS+, or QuarkXpress 7+.

The VIP typeface is a humanist sans serif uppercase and figures combined with a freshly redrawn revival of the classic VGC Contanze initials originally designed by Harry Brodjian in 1970.

As well as a vehicle to revive the Constanze initials, VIP was inspired by modern typography found in many artful books, product packages, windows and literature of high-end restaurants, jewelry stores, haute couture fashion sellers, architecture firms and trendy brand name establishments. VIP comes in all popular formats, and supports an extended range of Latin-based languages. VIP's script caps also make very attractive starting initials in book and magazine typography.

The Vox typeface is an extensive monoline sans serif family that can be both precise and friendly, yet contain enough choice of interchangeable variation for a more defined appearance, ranging from the clean and nondescript information relayer to the angular, futuristic and sleek headline maker.

The main character set, including extended support for Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts, is complemented with small caps, a full alternate character set, and even more alernates, in three weights and corresponding italics; 24 fonts in all. The OpenType version, Vox Pro, is 6 fonts containing over 1000 characters each, featuring Small Caps (including SC numbers, punctuation and enclosers), Caps To Small Caps, Stylistic Alternates, some Fractions, and some Contextual Alternates.

Pricing and Availability:

Jupiter Typeface Package
Number of fonts: 3
Commercial Use Price: $29.95 USD
Personal Use Price: $22.95 USD

VIP Typeface Package
Number of fonts: 1
Commercial Use Price: $19.95 USD
Personal Use Price: $14.95 USD

* Vox Typeface Package
Number of fonts: 24
Commercial Use Price: $99.95 USD
Personal Use Price: $69.95 USD

* Vox is also available in smaller choice packages that are priced accordingly.

Canada Type continues to expand its library of affordable, high-quality retail typefaces on a monthly basis, as well as to provide custom work, technical support, and multiple type licensing to a large list of creatives and publishing clients.

Based in Toronto Canada, Canada Type was founded in early 2004 by Patrick Griffin and Rebecca Alaccari as an independent digital type design and development studio for creatives all around the world. Their policy is to remain the most affordable retail and custom solutions, providing customers with flexible licensing and impeccable quality. Canada Type provides various font services to business clients big and small. Both Patrick and Rebecca come from extensive design industry backgrounds.

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