Wordware Publishing Releases New FileMaker 9 Web Publishing Book

August 30, 2007 in Publishing (E)

[prMac.com] Plano, TX - August 29, 2007 - FMWebschool, Inc. and Wordware Publishing are proud to announce the release of "FileMaker Web Publishing - A Complete Guide To Using The API For PHP.

Quickly Learn How To Publish Your FileMaker Solutions To The Web

Whether you are a professional FileMaker developer or you would just like to learn how to build a database driven website for your own use, this book will guide you along this exciting journey. FileMaker developers now have thousands of opportunities to expand their business and earn extra income. With nearly 20,000 new businesses daily looking for an online presence, there are literally limitless opportunities for FileMaker developers to move into the exciting world of dynamic web publishing. This of course means, more potential clients that will be clamoring for you're new skill-set! You are learning a language that is spoken worldwide!

Over the past 8 years, FMWebschool has had the opportunity to travel throughout the U.S. and teach hundreds of FileMaker developers how to build FileMaker driven websites. Using the knowledge and feedback from these classes, FMWebschool has created a book that guides users from beginning levels of understanding to advanced knowledge of developing FileMaker driven websites.

We think that creating a dynamic website should be fun and exciting. Our reasoning is simple, if the how's and why's are explained well enough, no matter what your skill level- you should be able to build a FileMaker driven website.

Why should I use FileMaker?

What is it that makes a FileMaker website so unique? A FileMaker website is dynamic, it has life, it has vitality - you are able to ask questions and get responses from live data existing in a database. Depending on how you build the site, not only can you view and search live data, you can edit that data and view the live updates immediately. This means that you can automatically update a FileMaker system quickly and easily from the web. FileMaker uses PHP the most popular and widely used web scripting language to allow users to interact with FileMaker data on the web. It is simply a natural progression from using FileMaker locally to creating a powerful presence on the web.

Creating a website is like making a cake, most of the time you would not even attempt the process without a recipe. The recipe tells you the ingredients, the measurements to be used, what needs to be added when and for how long. The icing and embellishments are up to you. Our book is the perfect recipe for creating a successful website, the only limitation is your imagination.

What does the book cover?

The book begins by explaining the basics, the foundation that you need to build a website. This includes an introduction to HTML and to Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. Once you have an understanding of basic web language, you move forward to an introduction of PHP basics. The rest of the book builds on your learned knowledge and you begin the exciting journey into connecting PHP to FileMaker and building your website.

Throughout the book you will be completing milestones of success. It is indeed exciting to build your first page and then begin seeing live FileMaker data populating your web page. As you advance through the book you will build an online FileMaker Blogging solution. Imagine that, you can create and add a live FileMaker Blog to your own website! The book is written to enable you to progress from being a complete web novice to a solid web programmer. The key to being a successful developer is taking positive action! So get started now!

Allyson Olm, Stephen Knight and Michael Petrov of FMWebschool authored FileMaker Web Publishing A Complete Guide to Using the FileMaker API for PHP. FMWebschool is a team of creative developers specializing in innovative PHP and FileMaker web solutions since 1999. FMWebschool focuses on progressive FileMaker integrated turnkey solutions, training, books and learning resources to facilitate FileMaker web publishing. FMWebschool has a solid track record and reputation for outstanding customer support and has just won the "Mad Dog Award" from FileMaker Inc.


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