SuperMegaUltraGroovy and toastycode announce TapeDeck 1.3

November 3, 2009 in Music and Recording (E)

[] Waterloo, ON and Boston, MA - SuperMegaUltraGroovy and toastycode today announced the immediate availability of TapeDeck 1.3, an update to their popular audio recorder for Mac OS X. In this release, TapeDeck adds the ability to record full-quality audio using lossless compression, answering the requests of many professional and hobbyist users.

"In TapeDeck 1.3, you can now record the highest quality audio without breaking the storage bank," said Chris Liscio, the founder of SuperMegaUltraGroovy. TapeDeck now records using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec in High Quality mode, so recordings from TapeDeck will preserve their full fidelity when dragged into Garage Band, Logic Pro, or any professional audio application that supports ALAC audio. However, the size of the stored audio will still be compressed, so the disk footprint is kept to a minimum.

"TapeDeck lends a familiar interface to the otherwise intimidating process of recording audio," said Dan Sandler, the founder of toastycode. "With TapeDeck 1.3, we maintain that familiarity to the user, yet the underlying recording quality has improved by leaps and bounds." Users still have the familiar High-, Medium-, and Low-Quality recording options that they've grown used to in earlier TapeDeck releases. "We just turned the High Quality knob up to eleven under the hood."

Pricing and Availability:
A free trial of TapeDeck 1.3 is available for download from the product site. TapeDeck 1.3 is a free update for all licensed users of TapeDeck. For new users, TapeDeck costs $25 (USD), and the free trial limits all recordings to 5 minutes, captured in low quality.

About toastycode:
Daniel Sandler started releasing software under the toastycode label on the fourth of July, 2006 with the debut of Pyrothèque, his love letter to a misspent youth in a computer lab full of Mac Pluses, ImageWriters, and pixellated fireworks.

Chris Liscio founded SuperMegaUltraGroovy in 1999, writing BeOS audio software during his undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo. SuperMegaUltraGroovy also develops Capo, and FuzzMeasure, the 2006 Apple Design Award runner-up in the Scientific Computing Solution category.


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