Press Release Special FmPro Migrator Pricing for Automated FileMaker Conversions Feb 04, 2021 in FileMaker California based .com Solutions Inc. today announces simplified $99 pricing for FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition, including Access to FileMaker Pro, PHP Conversions, LiveCode Conversions and Visual FoxPro Conversions to 5 different development environments. Customers have responded very favorably to the new pricing since it was introduced a few months ago, to the point where the $99 price version is now the most popular. [] Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. announces simplified $99 pricing for FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition. All customers can now get Platinum Edition features for less than the ($200) price of Developer Edition or ($599) Platinum Edition. Over the last 18 years, customers have used FmPro Migrator to perform thousands of FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro conversion projects. A typical automated conversion project can be completed in a short amount of time and now for a much lower price with the updated pricing. Features included with FmPro Migrator include: Access to FileMaker - This feature migrates Microsoft Access .mdb/.accdb and Visual FoxPro projects into FileMaker Pro databases. The conversion process includes the conversion of Forms/Reports, Relationships, Queries, Value Lists and Visual Basic code. FileMaker to Access - It can be a tedious and time consuming process to manually re-create each FileMaker Pro layout object into any other development environment. Rather than spending days or even weeks of valuable time manually converting hundreds of layouts, Microsoft Access developers can utilize the FmPro to Access Migration feature as an economical alternative. FmPro Migrator typically processes each layout within less than 1 second - much faster than you could perform the task manually! PHP Conversion - The PHP Conversion feature provides an automated conversion of FileMaker Pro, Visual FoxPro or Microsoft Access databases into a PHP web applications. This feature includes the conversion of layouts/forms/reports, scripts, relationships, tab controls and value lists. This feature leverages the automated layout and relationship importing features of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition. The converted PHP web application uses the contents of existing forms/layouts to build dynamic web forms having insert, query, update and delete features. Almost all layout objects are converted, including: charts, image fields, tab controls, custom value list menus, field-based value list menus (single and dual field), checkboxes, radio buttons and vector graphic objects (rectangle, rounded rectangle, oval/circle). LiveCode Conversion - The LiveCode Conversion feature included in FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition generates a full-featured LiveCode front-end application from FileMaker Pro Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro database files. This feature quickly and efficiently converts layouts, scripts, relationships, and value lists into a LiveCode application for building macOS, Windows, Linux desktop apps, or Mobile apps (supporting: IOS, Android). .NET Conversion - The .NET Conversion feature migrates or converts FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access and Visual FoxPro projects into Visual Studio 2010 .NET 4 database front-end applications. This feature quickly and efficiently converts layouts/forms, scripts, relationships, and value lists into .NET database applications for Windows desktop apps and web browser Silverlight apps. Visual FoxPro Conversion - The Visual FoxPro Migration feature built into FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition provides an economical fixed-price migration or conversion for Visual FoxPro projects. This feature converts forms, reports, functions, procedures, persistent relations, and DBF data file conversion. A wide range of target development environments are supported, including: FileMaker Pro, LiveCode, PHP web applications, .NET 4 Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Access. All 5 of these conversion options are included. Batch Transfer Utility: The FmPro Migrator Batch Transfer Utility is included with FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition to provide automated batch transfers of data from database apps like FileMaker Pro and Visual FoxPro DBFs into SQL database servers. Once the process has been configured on macOS or Windows, the batch transfer of data can be automatically scheduled at regular intervals. The FmPro Migrator Batch Transfer Utility is included with FmPro Migrator as long as the product is licensed. For long term usage, of this utility, the Business License is the most economical option. Table Consolidation - Database Rebuild Features: In addition to database rebuild projects, FileMaker developers can also use the Table Consolidation process to upgrade older multi-file solutions into easier to maintain FileMaker Pro single file solutions. On macOS, FmPro Migrator uses AppleScript GUI automation to automate the processing of hundreds or even thousands of FileMaker objects per hour. Using macOS is the preferred platform to use for database rebuild and Table Consolidation projects. FmPro Migrator is fully functional on macOS Big Sur running on Apple Silicon hardware. Pricing and Availability: FmPro Migrator (including Developer Edition and Platinum Edition features) is priced at ($99) per developer, and is available immediately. All of the features listed here are included with FmPro Migrator for one very economical price. Founded in 1999 by David Simpson in Sunny California, .com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker Pro, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, LiveCode and Visual FoxPro developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker Pro scripts. SQLite Diff compares SQLite database schema and data. Copyright (C) 1999-2021 .com Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and macOS platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### David Simpson President United States