Press Release Aero Quartet unveils its Movie Repair Service for Video Professionals Sep 20, 2007 in Multimedia At every stage of video production, the movie files can get corrupt and all the footage lost. Fortunately, it can now be repaired thanks to the Movie Repair Service. Aero Quartet achieves a 90% success rate in 48 hours by an innovative approach combining a free diagnostic, extraction through automated techniques, reconstruction and quality control, all performed by an expert video "hacker". [] Capture equipment running out of battery, software or hard disk crashing in the middle of a job, are video professionals worst nightmares. At every stage of video production, the movie files can get corrupt. Fortunately, most of the footage can now be repaired with its original quality thanks to the innovative Movie Repair Service. Aero Quartet, the developer of Mac OS X movie editor SimpleMovieX, makes now its digital video expertise available to all professionals. When deadlines or constraints make re-shoot impossible, and the production delivery is blocked by corrupt movie files, video professionals had few options until now. With a 48 hours service restoring all the footage with a 90% success rate, Aero Quartet makes its contribution to improving digital production chain weakest link: Reliability. The high repair success rate is due to an innovative combination of manual and automated repair operations: Each file is examined by a video "hacker" that will develop a small repair program. As each corrupt movie file requires a different repair technique, Movie Repair is not delivered as a software product but as a service. Movie Repair Service has been designed with customer satisfaction in mind. First a free diagnostic sets the expectations in terms of coverage and quality of the repair. Then, a sample of repaired footage is sent to the customer for evaluation. Finally, the repaired movie is available immediately upon payment. Aero Quartet has already developed repair techniques for a wide range of formats and codecs: DVCHD Pro, ProRes 422, DV, H264, JPEG. The list grows longer every month. Aero Quartet was founded in 2005 in Barcelona, Spain by BenoƮt Joossen. Our charter is to create useful software for the Macinstosh platform. "The major software companies have already filled the space with their big software suites. But you don't fill a box only with big stones, you also need lots of pebbles. As a small developer, I want to craft some of those pebbles, indeed I want them to be gem stones !" ### Benoit Joossen President 93 692 94 28 Spain