Mac-Chi Announces WhoPaste 4.1 - A Powerful Contact Utility for Mac OS X

December 21, 2009 in Utility (E)

[] Austin, Texas - Mac-Chi today announces an update to their powerful contact utility, WhoPaste. WhoPaste version 4.1 provides for assigning computed Daylite values, introduces two new modes of operation, and significantly enhances the base extraction process. WhoPaste is a powerful front-end utility for Apple's Address Book, Marketcircle's Daylite, Google's Contacts, and Microsoft's Entourage. WhoPaste creates contact records directly from web pages, emails, text documents and spreadsheets with a single keystroke.

Mac-Chi builds on its recent developments in version 4.0 to add sophisticated new capabilities for Daylite users. Version 4.1 allows these users to specify rules which control WhoPaste's data extraction. The extracted data can be used to assign the Daylite Contact/Organization Category, assign any or all of the Contact/Organization Keywords, as well as assign values to the 12 'Extra' Contact text fields. Static default values can also be assigned to each of these Daylite fields. For example, if WhoPaste were to see extracted text containing the phrase 'Certification: RMT', the value 'RMT' could be assigned to one of the 'Extra' fields or assigned as a Keyword.

Version 4.1 of WhoPaste introduces 'transient' operation mode. Until today, WhoPaste has run as a status item, like Airport. Status items are installed in the menubar, always available, and normally loaded on user login. Using the new 'transient' mode, WhoPaste will not launch until it is invoked by the Snow Leopard service and it will quit immediately after saving any new contact. Transient mode is suitable for customers who want to utilize the power and convenience of WhoPaste but who would prefer not to have a resident item on the menubar.

WhoPaste 4.1 also introduces 'Zap' mode which ignores extra labeling found in the extracted data. Zap mode can be toggled on or off by accessing a menu item. This toggling action will trigger an automatic re-evaluation of the current extraction. Zap mode augments WhoPaste's ability to dynamically manage the established label inventory using contextual menus.

Mac-Chi has enhanced the source data drawer view, allowing users to edit the source data, as well as outfitting this view with a 'Re-Extract' button. Mac-Chi has applied numerous improvements throughout the extraction process.

WhoPaste version 4.1 provides an option for deciphering word-based phone numbers like 800-Walmart. WhoPaste users can also now specify the exact order for assigning telephone labels when the extracted data is not specific enough.

Version 4.1 provides improved nickname recognition in general and an option for nicknames to be automatically assigned from first names.

Version 4.1 adds to WhoPaste's impressive list of power user features including: significant Daylite functionality, citation capture for information sourcing, automatic group assignment for Address Book, Google, and Entourage, execute custom post-process AppleScripts, four AppleScript commands, Automator actions, automatic SMS address augmentation, back-office system integration options, archiving, language customization for niche markets, duplicate contact detection, and much more.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 or later (Leopard & Snow Leopard Compatible)
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 8.0 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
* WhoPaste 4.1 is available for $15.00 (USD) for a 1-user license
* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, and 25 user licenses are available (2-user license is $20 USD)
* A free trial version is available for download.
* The trial version allows saving 20 extracted contacts
* A WhoPaste Media Review License Key is available upon request

Located in historic fun-loving Austin, Texas, Mac-Chi is a privately funded company founded in 2006 by Steve Cronin. Mac-Chi focuses exclusively on the Macintosh and iPhone platforms using the Mac OS X Address Book as its central platform for innovation. Mac-Chi delivers contact-friendly software that enlivens your people. Copyright 2006-2009 Mac-Chi. All Rights Reserved. Apple and the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Google, Gmail, and the Google logo, are registered trademarks of Google Inc.


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