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WidgeTunes 2.0 is available with custom music widgets for iOS 14

Oct 20, 2020 - Indie developer, Georgios Trigonakis today introduces WidgeTunes version 2.0, with support for Home Screen widgets of iOS 14. With WidgeTunes, anyone can create multiple custom music widgets on the iPhone home screen. On every profile you can add selected playlists, albums or single tracks. With many options to give to the widget the appearance you want, easily choose from grid or list layout, change background colour, grayscale artwork and many more options to choose from.

Miximum developer releases powerful Apple Music statistics app PlayTally

Oct 08, 2020 - Independent developer Mike Clay announces the public release of PlayTally, a new app that allows users to explore their Apple Music listening history, stats and trends. Users can track their Apple Music listening history play by play, watch their top songs and artists trend in real-time, and earn awards as they listen more and grow their library. PlayTally creates its own time-stamped playback records using the background tasks API introduced in iOS 13.

PlayTally lets users explore their Apple Music History, Stats and Trends

Sep 22, 2020 - Indie developer, Mike Clay announces the pre-release of PlayTally, a new app that allows users to dive deeper into their Apple Music statistics and create customized Replay-style playlists of their top songs. PlayTally creates its own time-stamped playback records using the new background tasks API introduced in iOS 13. Users can view their listening history, focus on specific dates, see recent activity for songs or artists, and create playlists. It is expected to be released October 15, 2020.

Choral Lesson Offers Choral Members to Practice Using Their iOS Device

Sep 21, 2020 - Japan-based indie development team NOKKEUSI Inc. today announces Chorus Lesson 1.0, its choral practice app for iOS devices. The coronavirus outbreak has caused many choral groups to be unable to practice together. Chorus Lesson allows choir members to practice individually, initially listening only to their part of the melody. Then, the user can sing along with the other parts of the choir, to check for the overall flow and how the chord sounds. The app uses standard MIDI files.

SongOwl gives users 100s of new ways to see their music collection

Jan 21, 2020 - Ontario based indoe developer, Mike Clay today announces SongOwl 1.0, his new Apple Music library manager/player for iPhone. SongOwl approaches navigation in a non-linear way that allows users to configure grouping and sorting options for each view in over 100 different ways. As the user saves these preferences, they are stored in sequence as a reusable navigation pattern called a Path. You can even seed paths with specific collections, turning basically anything into it's own mini-library.

Piano Chords and Scales 4.0 - Major Update Released For iOS

Jan 17, 2020 - Sincere Apps SIA announces Piano Chords and Scales 4.0, an important feature update to their popular music app for iOS devices. Piano Chords and Scales lets you explore and learn huge collections of chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in an intuitive and interactive way. Version 4.0 includes a new chord lookup by notes sheet music staff, MIDI in and out connections, redesigned layout for quicker navigation across the app’s user interface, with other improvements and bug fixes.

Music Vibes released for iOS - Piano App for the Deaf

Dec 04, 2019 - Melbourne baed developer, Interactive Coconut today releases Music Vibes, its new piano app for iOS. Music Vibes doesn't just play music as audio, it can also play it as haptic vibrations on iPhones. By pressing your iPhone to your jaw, users can actually feel the vibrations become sound and melodies. It can be used by some deaf and hard of hearing people, to actually feel music through their bones. Users can turn the vibration on and off, or even control its intensity.

iCarMode adds Spotify integration built into its music player

Nov 08, 2019 - Diego Resnik announces iCarMode 5th major release, an update to his popular productivity app for iOS devices. iCarMode contains the major features needed to ease & improve your iPhone-Car experience. iCarMode features large buttons allowing easy and safe access to music, shortcut for dialling, preferred GPS app as well as other car & driving related functionality. iCarMode 5 now includes Spotify integration allowing you to play your favourite music from your Spotify library, just a tap away.

Podcasts by myTuner - The Ultimate Podcast App Has Arrived to iOS

Apr 09, 2019 - The myTuner Radio Team brings you big news about its latest podcast app, Podcasts by myTuner. This practical free app features 20 million podcast episodes from more than 200 countries/territories and in 50 different languages for you to stream or listen to offline. You can discover new podcasts from 16 different categories, search for your favorite ones by title, author or check the top searches. In addition, you can also set alerts, so you don't miss any of your favorite podcasts on this app.