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HeyVal for iPhone introduces stock and cryptocurrency sentiment analysis

Aug 31, 2018 - HeyVal for iPhone adds Stock Sentiment Analysis in-app purchase, free of charge on an introductory basis. HeyVal scans public Twitter timelines for real time discussions about a particular stock ticker or cryptocurrency symbol then performs mood analysis on the results. HeyVal can also evaluate the mood or grade reading level of any individual public Twitter timeline, and text from any other source can be submitted for mood or grade reading level analysis.

ISS tracker Sat Seeker relaunches as Free App

Dec 14, 2017 - Indie software developer, Nathan Randle today announces Sat Seeker 2.0.0, an important update to the popular International Space Station tracking app for iPhone and iPad devices. The augmented reality view within Sat Seeker overlays the ISS pass path on the device's camera so that it's easy to find where to look. Sat Seeker helps users by providing a notification reminder shortly before a pass occurs. Version 2.0 relaunches as free app with new pass sharing feature and refreshed user interface.

How you can visit 1000Museums on Museum Store Sunday, at up to 90% off

Nov 22, 2017 - Oregon based Art Authority LLC is proud to announce that, as a Charter Sponsor of Museum Store Sunday, it will be helping patrons visit not only their local museums, but many others worldwide on that day as well. With 25% off all 1000Museums-brand prints, and up to 90% off its award-winning virtual museum apps, artwork from literally a thousand museums will be especially affordable and accessible on Museum Store Sunday, November 26.

Art Authority Virtual Museum now includes real Gift Shop

Nov 14, 2017 - Art Authority LLC today announced that their apps for iPad and iPhone now include access to the 1000Museums gift shop, where art lovers can purchase museum-approved reproductions of major works they view through the apps. Art Authority LLC acquired pioneering print-on-demand site 1000Museum last year. The Art Authority apps, two-time Apple Rewind award winners, include access to over 100,000 classic artworks from over 1500 artists.

Vito Technology introduces Satellite Tracker 1.0 for iOS/Android

Sep 29, 2017 - Virginia based Vito Technology today introduces Satellite Tracker 1.0, the company's new reference app for iOS and Android devices. With Satellite Tracker one can easily find out where satellites can be seen from different locations in the world, as well as get predictions for the passes. Featuring stunning visuals, attractive and an easy-to-use interface, Satellite Tracker was developed specifically for easy and comfortable real-time satellite tracking.

Neoappz Releases Instant Translator 2.0 with New Features

Aug 21, 2017 - Mobile application development company, Neoappz today announces Instant Translator 2.0, an important update to their popular travel app. Instant Translator is a useful app which translates words to another language as they are spoken. It allows users to have a voice or text conversation with a person who do not speak their language. The app supports over 100 languages. Instant Translator also has a multi device communication feature which allows users to communicate using two devices.

Astronomy App Luminos Introduces High Detail Planet Models

Apr 14, 2017 - California-based Wobbleworks LLC has released Luminos 9.2, a free feature update to the award-winning astronomy app for iOS devices and Apple Watch. The Luminos app now includes one hundred megapixel renderings of the Earth and the Moon, with high detail bump mapping to emphasize geographic features. The app has also been augmented with new navigation controls, support for the Astro-Physics GTOCP4 mounts, and accurate models of the totality paths for solar eclipses.

Top iOS Reference App Terminology Goes Free with Huge Update

Jan 12, 2017 - Texas based Agile Tortoise today announces Terminology 4.0.1, an all-new version of its popular iPhone and iPad reference app. Designed specifically to make it easy to explore words and phrases, Terminology is part dictionary, part thesaurus and part reference tool. Version 4.0.1 brings a completely new interface and support for modern iPhone and iPad features, as well as a new freemium model to this already powerful extensible research tool.

The Mighty App Finder Offers a Visual Way to Discover New iOS Apps

Dec 22, 2016 - UK based indie developer, Adrian Nelson today announces The Mighty App Finder - visual search & suggestion 0.9.6, his innovative App Store discovery app for iOS devices. The Mighty App Finder offers a visual approach to app discovery, allowing anyone to view their app search results grouped into nodes by keywords and idea, allowing them to quickly review a more focused and relevant list of apps. This Universal app also offers an automatically created list of recently viewed apps.