Utility - Latest Releases

AQ releases AppSwitcher 1.0 for Mac for Clean App Switching

Jul 13, 2021 - Aquarius Computer today introduces AppSwitcher 1.0 for macOS, a new menu item that allows you to switch to one application at a time. Similar to having "Hide Others" always on, with AppSwitcher allows you to maintain a clean desktop for beautiful presentation of your Apps. AppSwitcher is always out of your way, dock-less and implemented as a Menu Item. It can be set to open at login and temporarily disabled for things like dragging and dropping between apps.

Wide Angle Software releases native M1 versions of their Mac apps

May 31, 2021 - UK based developer, Wide Angle Software has released major new versions of TouchCopy and iBackup Extractor, boasting native M1 support, brand-new interfaces and cutting-edge compatibility. With TouchCopy, easily transfer iPhone, iPod and iPad music and playlists to computer, or directly to the Mac Music app (or to iTunes). iBackup Extractor can access all Finder/iTunes backups which are stored on your Mac and can recover files from these backups safely.

Dejal Time Out 2.8 Adds Option to End Break Early and More

May 25, 2021 - Dejal today announced Time Out 2.8, an update to their popular break reminder app for macOS. Using a computer for hours on end can lead to eye, back, and neck strain. Time Out offers users gentle reminders to take breaks, allowing them to stretch and relax. Version 2.7 features a new option to end a break early, the ability to postpone breaks instead of skip them and support Do Not Disturb with app exclusions, show the time since the last break in the status item, and much more.

Happy 15th Birthday HoudahSpot - Anniversary Sale

May 06, 2021 - Houdah Software marks the 15th anniversary of HoudahSpot, its popular file search tool for macOS. HoudahSpot helps Mac users organize files and quickly find them. The app combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display and previews. To celebrate the occasion, the company is holding an anniversary sale. HoudahSpot, as well as HoudahGeo and Tembo, are available at a 30% discount this weekend only. Upgrades from older versions are also available at a discount.

HoudahSpot 6.1 - Versatile File and Email Search Tool for Mac

Apr 14, 2021 - Houdah Software updates its file search and management tool to version 6.1. HoudahSpot is the file search tool that helps Mac users organize files and finds these if they did not. HoudahSpot combines fast and precise file search with a customizable results display and previews. With HoudahSpot, every document, email message, photo, or video file is but a few clicks away. Version 6.1 improves integration with DEVON Technologies' DEVONthink and SmallCubed's MailSuite.

All-in-One Mac Networking Utility Offers Network Analysis & Maintenance

Mar 24, 2021 - Germany-based independent development team, Creating Your App today announces Network Toolbox, their popular all-in-one networking utility for macOS computers. Network Toolbox helps users analyze and maintain their private or public networks, detecting security issues and improper configurations. The app offers over 40 convenient networking-related tools, providing in-depth information about a user's internal and public networks, integrating network scanners, and much more.

FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.7 - Sync and Backup on macOS

Mar 03, 2021 - Milano-Italy based Softobe today announces FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.7, an update to their popular tool to sync and backup on macOS. Since 1998, FoldersSynchronizer allows anyone to sync and backup files, folders, disks and boot disks. It grants several powerful options like Timers, Multiple Folders, Filters, Exclude Items, Auto-Mount Volumes, AppleScripts, Conflicts Management, File Copy Preview, incremental or exact copy, log files and much more.

ChronoSync and ChronoAgent Updated

Feb 10, 2021 - Florida based Econ Technologies, Inc. today announced that both ChronoSync and ChronoAgent have been updated to address issues under macOS 11, Big Sur. ChronoSync is the multipurpose Mac app for local and cloud backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing. Version 4.9.12 introduces the new Data Volume-Only backup to keep all user Home Folders safely backed up. ChronoAgent is the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync.

SuperTab 5 is Here - The Mac's App Switcher just got a major upgrade

Feb 03, 2021 - SpriTec Software today announces SuperTab 5, a major feature update to its award-winning App Switcher for macOS. SuperTab takes the App Switcher way beyond just apps: it gives users instant access to their Files, Folders, Windows, Web Sites, Calendars, Screen Shots, Recents, Clipboard History, Dock Items, Desktop Contents, Dropbox, Custom Clipboards, and more - all within the App Switcher, and all just a click or keypress away.