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Meeting Teens Mental Health Needs with the New Teen Mindfulness App

Jul 24, 2021 - Inner Strength has released Inner Strength 2, its new teen mindfulness app designed specifically for urban teens. Inner Strength fuses expert mindfulness instruction with the latest understanding of the development of the brain, and how shifts in culture affect our experience. 12 subject-oriented sections help students learn a variety of mindfulness exercises. Teens learn how to focus and calm, dial down anxiety, and build healthy relationships starting with their own care for themselves.

Boris FX Releases New Continuum FCP Plugins with Fast Cinematic Effects

Jul 24, 2021 - Longtime Boston-based developer, Boris FX has released Continuum FCP 2021.5, a significant update to its award-winning product line. Continuum is a busy editor's best friend with hundreds of filters to accomplish a wide variety of daily tasks. The 2021.5 release centers itself around ease of use. The redesigned visual effects plugin suite features 90 GPU-accelerated effects, over 1000 Drag & Drop presets, and a streamlined workflow up to 10x faster than previous versions.

BatchOutput for Microsoft PowerPoint Now Supports Apple M1 Processor

Jul 21, 2021 - Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput PPT 2.2.21, a compatibility update to the company's output automation solution for Microsoft PowerPoint. In addition to batch printing, the software lets users carry out automated professional PDF production directly from PowerPoint. Users can reduce PDF file size, optimize images and encrypt PDF files. The new update adds native support for Apple's M1 processor, which enables users to run BatchOutput DOC on their Silicon Macs without hardware emulation.

New Air Travel Backpack: Office Compartment Protects Two MacBook Pros

Jul 20, 2021 - San Francisco based WaterField introduces the Air Travel Backpack, a professional travel backpack for tech-loving, style-conscious road warriors. A dedicated office compartment efficiently organizes a complete mobile office including two MacBook Pros and tech accessories. Multiple carry options and an elegant aesthetic support seamless transitions from leisure to business. The Air Travel Backpack comes in water-resistant ballistic nylon or waxed canvas with full-grain leather details.

Output Factory for InDesign Adds Native Support for Apple M1 Processor

Jul 19, 2021 - Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory 2.4.63, a maintenance update to company's output automation tool for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory solves the problem of time-consuming InDesign production workflows through automation of printing, exporting and other repetitive tasks. The app offers batch processing, layer versioning, variable names and more. The new update adds support for Apple's M1 processor, which enables users to run Output Factory on Silicon Macs without hardware emulation.

NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 released for iOS - Help Diagnose Skin Cancer

Jul 19, 2021 - Artes Electronics has announced NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 for iOS and Android, an app to help diagnose skin cancer/melanoma at home. NOTA Mole Tracker allows you to detect the slightest changes in moles, as well as quickly make a decision about going to a dermatologist for an appointment for a diagnosis. NOTA measurements are absolutely safe, and can be used when measuring moles in children, the elderly & pregnant women. Easily find a suspicious mole in 20 seconds from the comfort of your home!

Cisdem PDFMaster for Mac 4.1.0 Adds Stamps in PDF Edit

Jul 17, 2021 - Cisdem releases PDFMaster 4.1.0, an important update to the company's flagship PDF conversion solution for macOS. Cisdem PDFMaster for Mac is a robust and multifunctional tool to process PDF files, Users are able to convert, create, edit, merge, split, compress, encrypt and decrypt PDF files, all from one place. Most of the tasks can be done in batches. This application substantially simplifies your workflow and saves time on working within any PDF document.

FoxTrot Search 7.1 released - macOS/iOS Search Solutions

Jul 16, 2021 - CTM Development announces FoxTrot Search 7.1. FoxTrot Search offers the fastest, most precise and reliable way to find what you are looking for in PDF, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and 300 other document types indexed on a Mac. Available in Personal, Professional, Server editions on the Mac, with an optional app to enjoy similar searching of index files complete with embedded PDF, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email content on iOS and iPadOS.

Sixbytes Safety Note+ Pro - New Update, New Design and New Feature

Jul 15, 2021 - Sixbytes has released Safety Note+ Pro 7.1.2, an updates to their innovative, secure note app for iOS devices. Safety Note+ Pro lets you keep your most private notes secure and private. With three stylish and easy to use lock designs, you can customize your passcode style without compromising your security. Now you have the choice of using the standard combination lock style, keypad style, or the new dot pattern and so much more; all of which can easily access those personal items with ease.