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Stairways Software Releases Keyboard Maestro 9.0

Aug 13, 2019 - Stairways Software Pty Ltd today releases Keyboard Maestro 9.0, a new version of its powerful productivity enhancer for macOS. Keyboard Maestro can help improve almost every aspect of using your Mac. Version 9.0 adds support for Dark Mode, multiple editor windows, JSON, OCR, Stream Deck, and extended regex, as well as adding triggers, many actions, more palette themes, enhancing the editor and the clipboard switcher, improving performance, and more.

KeyCue 9.4 improves folder view and third-party app compatibility

Aug 13, 2019 - Ergonis Software today released KeyCue 9.4, a maintenance update for the company's highly acclaimed productivity tool. KeyCue is a versatile assistant, which presents frequently used elements on cue, such as keyboard shortcuts, local files and folders, and URL collections. Now distributed as a notarized disk image, version 9.4 enhances the folder view feature and improves overall stability as well as compatibility with certain third-party apps.

ChronoSync Updated for InterConneX 2.0!

Aug 13, 2019 - Econ Technologies today releases ChronoSync 4.9.4, an important update to their multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable clones and folder synchronizing under macOS. Version 4.9.4 includes several bug fixes to enhance InterConneX connection reliability. InterConneX is the file storage, file management, and file sharing app for the iPhone, iPad & cloud. With the InterConneX 2.0 release, this update ensures the ChronoSync experience with iOS devices remains reliable and trouble-free.

InterConneX 2.0 Now Available

Aug 13, 2019 - Econ Technologies today releases InterConneX 2.0, an update to its popular file storage, management, and sharing app for iPad and iPhone.. InterConneX 2.0 introduces direct cloud support for Backblaze B2, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and SFTP Servers. The reinvented App offers an Adaptive Interface on iPad for full multi-tasking support to create a robust file management experience on iOS. Unlock your iPad's and iPhone's potential with InterConneX!

Output Factory Server for Adobe InDesign Is Now Notarized by Apple

Aug 12, 2019 - Zevrix Solutions announces Output Factory Server 2.1.25, a security update to company's output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. The app automates printing and exporting from InDesign by processing files from hot folders. Output Factory Server offers layer versioning, preflighting, email notifications, scripts, variable names and more. The new version was updated to satisfy forthcoming macOS security demands and has now received the seal of approval issued by the Apple notary service.

Introduction Into Public Relations eBook Now Available on Apple Books

Aug 11, 2019 - PR Wire Pro announces it has published an all new version of the eBook Marketing (PR) Series, Introduction Into Public Relations now available on Apple Books. The new public relations and marketing eBook is available for free download. The new eBook Marketing (PR) Series, Introduction Into Public Relations and Marketing Guide Course is to introduce students to the concepts and activities related to marketing and public relations and to provide practice in solving marketing problems.

Enhanced Auto-Rules in the New Version of SearchAdsHQ

Aug 11, 2019 - SplitMetrics announces a brand-new version of SearchAdsHQ, platform for Apple Search Ads (ASA) campaign management. This version comes armed with an updated auto-rules module. Now users can customize rules to meet their business objectives, get more flexibility in campaign management, automate routine but important processes that take much time and as a result raise efficiency of ASA campaigns.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR 7.0.0 Has Fixed Bugs and Refined Interface

Aug 11, 2019 - Cisdem announces Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac has been upgraded to version 7.0.0 to fix bugs and improve user interface. The latest version 7.0.0 has fixed the output size enlargement issue, which could happen on Macs with Retina display. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac is a PDF converter, PDF creator, OCR tool, PDF combiner/splitter, etc. all rolled into one. Its Converter function can convert PDF files, including the native ones and scanned/image-based ones, to 16 different formats.

Shaderific now with full support for iOS 12

Aug 09, 2019 - Shaderific version 4.4 is available on the App Store now. Shaderific is an educational app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that helps computer science students and experienced developers to get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 shader development. The app makes it possible to write, compile and test shader programs directly on any iOS device without ever touching a laptop or desktop computer. Version 4.4 adds full support for iOS 12 and improvements of existing functionalities.