Latest Releases

Introducing Sparkle 3: Big Sur UI, M1 optimization and 50+ new features

Nov 19, 2020 - Florence based indy development team, River SRL today announces Sparkle 3.0.2, a significant update to their powerful visual web design application for macOS. Sparkle allows anyone to create modern, beautiful, GDPR-complaint websites in a fully visual way, Sparkle 3 adopts the new Big Sur look and is optimized for M1 Macs. It also adds over 50 new features, including commerce, blogging, a SEO assistant and parallax animation.

Digital Notebook Carbo 2 Brings Mac Catalyst App & iOS 14 Enhancement

Nov 18, 2020 - Creaceed releases Carbo version 2.0, a major update to their digital notebook app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Carbo lets you capture and organize handwritten notes and sketches either by shooting with the camera or by drawing on screen with Apple Pencil, revealing their outstanding pixel-free quality and their expressiveness. Carbo 2 brings Mac support through a new Mac Catalyst app running on macOS 11 Big Sur with Optimized for Mac technology to offer a true Mac experience.

BatchOutput for Microsoft Word Now Supports macOS Big Sur

Nov 18, 2020 - Zevrix Solutions announces BatchOutput DOC 2.5.19, a compatibility update to company's output automation solution for Microsoft Word. The only Word tool of its kind for the Mac platform, BatchOutput automates printing and exporting to PDF from Word. The app offers batch printing, variable file names, PDF security, single page export and more. The new version adds support for the recently released macOS 11 Big Sur and automatically corrects file permissions during license activation.

SecuritySpy 5.3: Major update to macOS CCTV Software

Nov 17, 2020 - Ben Software today announced the release of SecuritySpy 5.3, a major update to the premier multi-camera video surveillance software for Mac. With smart motion detection powered by AI, flexible recording features, remote monitoring, and an intuitive user interface, SecuritySpy is ideal for all CCTV applications, from professional to home. Version 5.3 adds HomeKit integration, support for macOS 11 Big Sur, instant video replay, and a host of other new features and improvements.

LinkOptimizer Server for Adobe InDesign Now Supports Creative Cloud 2021

Nov 17, 2020 - Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer Server 6.0.7, a compatibility update to company's image workflow solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and allows users to reduce link size, convert images, optimize resolution and more. The workgroup version can serve unlimited users via network hot folders and combine LinkOptimizer processing with standard output formats. The new update adds support to the recently released InDesign and Photoshop 2021.

Noodlesoft Releases Hazel 5

Nov 16, 2020 - Noodlesoft releases Hazel 5, a major update to its popular housekeeping utility for macOS. With Hazel's powerful rule engine, users can easily create workflows that keep files organized automatically. Hazel also features options for managing the Trash & includes an intuitive application uninstaller. Hazel 5 is now a standalone app instead of preference pane. Sporting an improved user interface, the main window now combines folders, rulesets & rules for easier and quicker navigation and editing.

ChronoSync Updated For Big Sur

Nov 12, 2020 - Econ Technologies, Inc. today announced that ChronoSync 4.9.12 is updated for macOS 11 Big Sur. ChronoSync is the multipurpose Mac app for local and cloud backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing. Version 4.9.12 introduces the new 'Data Volume-Only' backup to keep all user Home Folders safely backed up. Coinciding with this new feature, Econ Technologies, Inc is publishing a new Tech Note that explains the procedure for creating and maintaining a new Big Sur Bootable Backup and more.

PDF Checkpoint Now Supports macOS Big Sur: Preflight, Conversion Tool

Nov 11, 2020 - Zevrix Solutions announces PDF Checkpoint 1.9.10, a compatibility update to company's PDF preflight and conversion solution. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, exports as images, splits, and optimizes Adobe PDFs. The app can also convert the PDF document colors to selected ICC profile helping users easily prepare their files for print, web and mobile devices. The new version adds support for macOS 11 Big Sur and automatically fixes file permission errors during activation.

WaterField Debuts Zoom Crossbody Laptop Bag for Apple M1 Silicon MacBook

Nov 11, 2020 - WaterField's new Zoom Crossbody vertical laptop bag carries tablets or Apple's new M1 Silicon chip Macbooks in style. The ultra-comfortable, lightweight crossbody combines premium materials, a tightly-edited design, and clean lines for a modern look ideal for daily use. Offered in rugged black ballistic nylon, tan waxed canvas, or blue or red high-performance Forza textile, each with full-grain leather highlights, the Zoom Crossbody laptop bag is meticulously crafted and built to last.