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iOS App Description Writing Services

Jan 26, 2019 - 411Writers announces a new service - App Description Writing for the Apple App Store applications. The descriptions aim to help apps rank better and engage more customers. Users receive new title suggestions, two short description options, one main description (2,000 characters minimum), competition beneficial keyword research, and a detailed explanation of the specific strategy.

Pamoja.Shop Presents The First Made-In-Africa Leather Apple Watch Strap

Jan 25, 2019 - today announces Tenebo, their first Maasai leather Apple watch strap collection. Handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya by a collective of artisans with locally sourced materials. Tenebo merges the traditional Maasai beaded leather bracelets with a touch of modern technology found in their custom stainless steel adapters available in gold, silver, and black; giving the apple watch a classic, yet bold new look. Available in all sizes 38mm to 44m.

Medidex Launches Drug Abuse Prevention Features on MedManage mHealth App

Jan 25, 2019 - Medidex Inc. and Count It! Lock It! Drop It! have launched a new partnership to add drug abuse prevention features to the MedManage 2.3.1 mobile app for iOS and Android devices. MedManage can help patients keep track of medications and reduce risk of possible medication misuse. Features of the app include a daily dose tracking calendar/log, medication info lookup, clear usage instructions, drug adherence charts, and a med drop box locator to dispose of unused supply.

Chickku App Brings Local into Social

Jan 24, 2019 - Chickku LLC recently launched Chickku 1.2.4, the latest version of its local social app for iOS and Android devices. Leveraging location-based technology, Chickku helps users connect with other people for common causes and interests, places and businesses in their local vicinity. Users can find like-minded friends in their area, join a local issue, discover places of interests around their location, rate and recommend restaurants and other hangouts, and even buy or sell things locally for free.

File Extractor for macOS Quickly Extracts Files Hidden in Other Files

Jan 24, 2019 - New Zealand-based developer Mac OS X File Recovery announces File Extractor 1.0, their new file extraction utility for macOS computers. File Extractor quickly extracts files that are hidden inside other files stored on a Mac's hard drive. The app offers the ability to extract JPG, MP3, GIF, and many other types of files that are embedded inside PDF files, PSD files, DMG disk images, and much more. The app makes use of the same codebase used to develop data recovery software for the CIA and FBI.

WaterField's New Sutter Slim Backpack Lightens the Work Load

Jan 24, 2019 - San Francisco based designer, WaterField Designs introduces the Sutter Slim Backpack, an efficiently-designed backpack for professionals with padded MacBook Pro and iPad compartments and balanced pockets to carry office essentials in a sleek profile. The svelte aesthetic looks sharp with professional office attire or more casual travel wear. YKK waterproof zipper secures exterior top pocket for ultra-convenient, quick access, especially when the bag is set down or resting on suitcase handles.

SwiftCapture 1.2 - Update to macOS Video Capture and Animation Software

Jan 23, 2019 - Ben Software today announced SwiftCapture 1.2,, a major update to the high-performance video capture application for macOS. SwiftCapture's powerful features and intuitive user interface allow users to create high-quality video recordings, timelapse captures and stop-motion movies from a variety of video and audio input devices. Version 1.2 is compatible with macOS Mojave, improved audio/video synchronisation, AppleScript enhancements, enhanced support for Blackmagic devices, bug fixes and more.

MacUpdater for macOS Brings Updating of Multiple Apps at Once, Much More

Jan 23, 2019 - Malta-based indie development team, CoreCode today announces MacUpdater 1.4.3, the important update to their popular app updating utility for macOS. The handy utility scans a Mac's Applications folder to identify applications that have updates available. MacUpdater runs silently in the background, notifying users when an update is available. Version 1.4.3 brings the ability to update multiple apps at once, the ability to cancel in-progress updates, and much more.

LinkOptimizer for InDesign Fixes Issues with Umlauts in Image Names

Jan 23, 2019 - Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 5.2.17, a maintenance update to company's workflow automation tool for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer lets users automatically scale and crop images to their InDesign dimensions at specified target resolution, convert image formats and colors, embed profiles and more. The new version fixes an error caused by processing of images with umlauts and other accented characters in their names, which could affect workflows in German and other European languages.