Latest Releases

Jason McGerr Drum Content Available in RiffWorks InstantDrummer Format

Jul 30, 2007 - Death Cab for Cutie drummer, Jason McGerr, has created drum loops for RiffWorks guitar recording software in partnership with Drummerheads Drum Content Providers. Guitar recording enthusiasts can now record their songs at home with the professionally recorded, tempo-matching backing tracks of McGerr playing his signature Ludwig drum kit.

XChange International announce OpenNow Pro for CS3

Jul 30, 2007 - XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased release of OpenNow Pro for Adobe InDesign CS3. OpenNow Pro is the perfect link between InDesign and image applications. Users can now open any document picture with the application they choose, and at the same time get detailed and comprehensive picture information.

CS Odessa Announces That Aha! Is Ready to Play on the iPhone!

Jul 30, 2007 - Game for mind presented by software for mind ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5. CS Odessa announces that its web-based visual logic game Aha! has been optimized to now work on the iPhone. The Aha! game is easy to play but challenging game that features two different skins with attractive animations, adjustable difficulty levels and a high entertainment value.

ToThePoint Software Releases EasyMoney v1.0

Jul 30, 2007 - EasyMoney is an easy-to-use money management solution suitable for home and small businesses. With EasyMoney the emphasis is on simplicity and clarity. Creating accounts and entering transactions are both straight-forward and intuitive.

DropWaterMark adds nonvisual options with version 4.0

Jul 30, 2007 - LAJ Design is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of DropWaterMark version 4.0.0 which adds nonvisual options. Watermarking your images is a way to reduce theft and to get recognition for your creative talents. DropWatermark is an application that allows you to watermark your images quickly and easily. You just configure your watermark and then can create new watermarked images quickly. Your images will be ready to go on the internet and show off your talents.

Introducing xTime Project 4.5 for Mac OS X

Jul 30, 2007 - It has never been so easy to manage a project. xTime Project helps you organize, administer and monitor your tasks so you can spend more time managing your projects and less time learning to use your project management application.

ConceptDraw 7.2 Shortens Learning Curve for Business Graphic

Jul 29, 2007 - CS Odessa ConceptDraw 7.2 Dramatically Shortens Learning Curve for Business Graphics. CS Odessa announces the upcoming release of ConceptDraw 7.2 that will be shipped on August 8th, the new version of CS Odessa's popular vector drawing and diagramming software package has many new extended user capabilities. Version 7.2 makes ConceptDraw easier to learn for new users of this popular business graphics application.

Findley Designs, Inc. updates iPod Access with iPhone Support

Jul 28, 2007 - Findley Designs, Inc. announces the immediate availability of iPod Access v4.1 for Mac OSX and Windows Vista/XP/2000. Version 4.1 adds support for the iPhone, improved iTunes integration and numerous bug fixes. As of this release iPod Access is the only music retrieval solution for both the iPod and iPhone. iPod Access v4.1 is available to new users for $19.99 or as a free upgrade to v4.0 users.

MConvert 7.0 released

Jul 28, 2007 - MConvert is the prime conversion software available for currency, metric and imperial, currently including the following 23 conversion groups: Acceleration, Angle, Area, Base, Consumption, Currency, Data, Density, Energy, Energy/Mass, Force, Length, Mass, Permeability, Power, Pressure, Radioactivity, Temperature, Time, Torque, Velocity, Viscosity, Volume. Version 7.0 includes many new feature improvements.