Latest Releases

Tension Software releases Password Repository 2.3

Oct 07, 2007 - Tension Software announces Password Repository 2.3, a native Mac OS X program to manage general use passwords stored inside protected documents accessible only by the user. Manage passwords inside a protected document using a master and details view. Password Repository was designed to be simple, stable, effective and reliable. Version 2.3 adds new features and other improvements.

CS Odessa Announces ConceptDraw 7 Update for Leopard OS

Oct 06, 2007 - CS Odessa today announces the upcoming release of ConceptDraw 7.4, scheduled for release on 16 of October, the new version of CS Odessa's popular vector drawing and diagramming software package will support Apple's newest 10.5 Leopard operating system. ConceptDraw 7.4 runs smoothly on Leopard and supports its revolutionary Quick Look technology at the same time adding new Drawing Navigator feature.

ZappTek Updates iSpeak It to Version 3.3.1

Oct 06, 2007 - iSpeak It is a file-to-audio converter that serves as a perfect companion to the iPod or iPhone. iSpeak It loads Word, PDF, Pages, RTF, AppleWorks, text and HTML documents. It downloads news, weather forecasts, driving directions, and arbitrary web pages as well as RSS feeds. iSpeak It then uses the Mac's text-to-speech engine and iTunes to convert the text into an MP3/AAC track.

ZappTek Updates iPDA to Version 3.4.1

Oct 06, 2007 - iPDA is the perfect companion to the iPod by serving as a replacement PDA. Word, PDF, Pages, or RTF documents may be easily transferred to iPod so data is available for quick access, any time. Download RSS feeds, driving directions, weather forecasts and news headlines directly to the iPod. iPDA supports transferring information from Entourage, Gmail, Stickies, Mail, Address Book and iCal, making it simple to put the information users need on their iPods.

MEI's Pro Pub Summit Draws More Than 170 K4 Experts, Users

Oct 06, 2007 - MEI hosted the Pro Pub Summit(TM) 2007 on Sept. 27-28, at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. The third annual conference for users of the SoftCare K4 Publishing System in the Americas featured a day and a half of panels and presentations that covered a wide range of topics and issues facing end-users, technicians and publishers, tied together by a focus on how the system can enable multi-channel publishing.

Free Live FileMaker Web Publishing Webinar

Oct 05, 2007 - FMWebschool, Inc. announces a live webinar demonstrating the power of FileMaker web publishing. Those curious about learning how to bring FileMaker to the web, this webinar is for you. In this Live webinar we will create an online music site in under an hour. Using FMStudio and PHP, in this live online broadcast, we will show you how to build a website that would take professionals hours to reconstruct. Learn how to quickly add this invaluable resource to your FileMaker talents.

Springy 1.3.2 Archiving Utility Introduced

Oct 04, 2007 - Springy 1.3.2 is a simple to use, yet powerful archiving utility for Mac OS X. Springy integrates seamlessly with the Finder and includes some incredibly useful features. Users have the ability to see at a glance, the contents of an archive or disk image without being forced to extract any file from it, add, and/or extract files of choice from an existing archive or, as well as previewing them. All archiving tasks can be done via Drag and Drop or through Springy's Finder contextual menu.

MacBreakZ 4.6 ergonomic assistant can now be temporarily disabled

Oct 03, 2007 - MacBreakZ now allows all its screen, sound and voice output to be disabled for periods ranging from two hours to the remainder of the day. This is particularly useful for those occasions where the user wants to be certain not to be interrupted, such as when giving an important presentation, working to a tight deadline, or just enjoying a game or a movie. On such occasions, users previously had to quit the program altogether and commonly forgot to re-activate it.

Slife Labs Unveils Slife 1.3

Oct 03, 2007 - Slife Labs today unveiled Slife 1.3, the most significant upgrade ever to the innovative time and activity tracking tool for the Mac OS X. Slife 1.3 now supports all Adobe CS3 applications, features an auto-discovery mechanism for tracking applications, and includes a new visualization.