Latest Releases

Script Software Announces iWatermark 3.0.11 for Mac/Win

Aug 22, 2007 - Script Software has updated iWatermark to version 3.0.11, their incredibly popular watermarking package for Mac OS X and Windows. Combining ease of use with efficiency, beginner and professional photographers alike can use iWatermark to protect their work. Add digital signatures, url, email address or company logo to one, or a 1000 images at a time. Version 3.0.11 includes many bug fixes and enhancements and is a recommended update for all customers.

MacRailSoft announces the release of RailModeller 3.0.3

Aug 22, 2007 - MacRailSoft announces the release of RailModeller 3.0.3, their solution for creating layouts for model railroads and slot cars for MacOSX. More than 180 libraries are included, providing tracks and accessories from virtually any manufacturer of model railroad tracks. The RailModeller layout planning tool provides a number of features, making it a great solution for creating model railroad layouts. Version 3.0.3 provides several improvements, bug fixes and a number of updated libraries.

Flashforward2007 Launches Podcast Interviews with Conference Speakers

Aug 22, 2007 - The first Flashforward Podcast features user interface expert Robert Hoekman, Jr. discussing his work and upcoming conference presentation. Christoph Wiese, Flashforward Blog Editor, converses with leading-edge creators of Flash-related solutions who share their experience, insight, and anecdotes. The Flashforward Podcast offers the Flash community an opportunity to learn more about the sessions and the people presenting them.

Type Design Firm Canada Type Announces Unique Font Licensing Model

Aug 22, 2007 - Digital type design firm Canada Type, has announced a new Font Licensing Model. The new licensing model introduces a "personal licensing" option alongside their usual commercial license, allowing customers to purchase font packages for personal, non-commercial use. This is a breakthrough licensing practice in the font world, offering non-commercial font users between 20% and 35% off the commercial price.

iPhoto Library Manager adds support for iPhoto '08

Aug 21, 2007 - Fat Cat Software has updated iPhoto Library Manager to version 3.3, providing full compatibility with iPhoto '08. Users can now utilize all of the program's features with Apple's newest version of iPhoto, including copying albums between libraries while preserving photo metadata and merging multiple libraries together into one. Basic library management is provided for free, and advanced features are enabled by purchasing a copy for $19.95. The update is free for existing registered users.

Zevrix Solutions Releases LengthControl 2 for Mac OS X

Aug 20, 2007 - Zevrix Solutions announces the release of LengthControl 2, a free utility to quickly and easily locate and edit long file names on Mac OS X. The new version allows users to specify maximum name length for files and folders, scan folders and subfolders and navigate the file list using keyboard shortcuts. LengthControl 2 is also rewritten from the ground up in Cocoa and several times faster than the previous version.

HairerSoft releases Amadeus Pro 1.1

Aug 20, 2007 - HairerSoft is proud to announce the release today of Amadeus Pro 1.1, their flagship multitrack audio editor for MacOS X. Version 1.1 brings greatly improved support for Audio Units and for VST plug-ins, handles multichannel AIFF files, and adds a whole collection of new toolbar items. It furthermore adds dozens of improvements to its user interface: audio editing has never been easier or more enjoyable. This is a recommended update to all Amadeus Pro customers.

Cynical Peak Software updates Cyndicate to 1.0.2

Aug 20, 2007 - Cynical Peak Software announces the update of Cyndicate 1.0.2, their next generation RSS/Atom aggregator and content management application for Mac OS X. Out of the box, Cyndicate includes many features which help set it apart from other news readers. Leveraging Mail's familiar interface and ease of use, Cyndicate presents syndicated content with an article centric paradigm, offering users more flexibility and finer granularity. Version 1.0.2 includes bug fixes and many performance enhancements.

Embrace the Race to Replace Your Case

Aug 20, 2007 - GizMac Accessories Announces Trade-In Program for Owners of Competitor's iPod Cases. GizMac Accessories has set a date and provided initial details for their "Replace Your Case" trade-in. The program will start Friday, August 17 and continue until the end of this month, August 31. Orders must be received within this time period to qualify for the trade-in program.