Latest Releases

Snowmint Creative Introduces Ultimate Pen 1.4.3

May 03, 2007 - Ultimate Pen 1.4.3 is a software only solution which creates a full screen, transparent window, allowing you to draw on top of any application. Think of Ultimate Pen as an incredibly easy way to doodle on your computer screen. While it can be used for drawing on anything, it is particularly useful when working with presentation software. You may add notes, make comments, or add illustrations directly on the screen. You can use Ultimate Pen with a mouse directly or even better, a drawing tablet.

PulpMotion 1.1 raises the bar in interactive slideshows

May 03, 2007 - Aquafadas unveils PulpMotion 1.1 and raises the bar in interactive slideshows: new navigation capabilities, zoom on media, improved control over timing. Not to mention Silly News...

DiscLabel 4.2 is Released With New Visual Effects

May 02, 2007 - Disclabel 4.2, an update to the award-winning CD/DVD label design software for Mac OS X from SmileOnMyMac, was released today with many new visual effects.

Lucerne Systems announces Horizon Personal Finance System for Mac

May 02, 2007 - Lucerne Systems announces the immediate availability of Horizon, a new, calendar-based personal financial management system. Horizon lets you get a clear, simple picture of where your money comes from and where it goes. Designed exclusively for Mac OS X, Horizon uses a simple calendar interface to create freeform budgets and other financial plans.

Introducing PhotoUpLink export plug-in for Apple Aperture

May 02, 2007 - PhotoUpLink, initially released for Apple's iPhoto, is now available for Mac OS X Aperture 1.5 as a universal binary export plug-in, with feature enhancements specific to Aperture export capabilities. PhotoUpLink enables photographers to easily distribute their libraries to ODBC databases such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server for use with web applications, and to secure FTP sites, FileMaker databases, Microsoft Office Word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Introducing wKiosk Browser 5 for Mac OS X

May 02, 2007 - wKiosk is the ultimate web browser designed for internet kiosk applications. You need to run a cyber coffee? You need to install an internet kiosk in your office lobby? You need to provide an internet access to students? wKiosk is the solution!

Vela Design Group releases VelaClock 2.0 and VelaClock Deluxe 2.0

May 02, 2007 - VelaClock is a world clock widget with a highly configurable user interface. Users can quickly display the time of sunrise, sunset, or twilight, duration of daylight, moonrise, moonset, phase of moon, time zone information and more. VelaClock users include people that communicate locally and internationally (phone, email, iChat), photographers (seeking twilight times), outdoor enthusiasts and people interested in the moon and astronomy.

Snowmint Creative Solutions Introduces Budget 5.2.1

May 01, 2007 - Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC introduces Budget 5.2.1, a tried and true method of envelope budgeting. Budget uses visual representations of envelopes. As income is recorded as a deposit in an account, Budget will automatically distribute it across virtual envelopes so the user can see the balance in each envelope. When a bill is due, the money is removed from the envelope and the payment is made. Know where your money is before you spend it, not were your money went after you spent it.

MEI Signs Christian Science Monitor to K4 Publishing System Team

Apr 29, 2007 - Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), an Adobe Systems portfolio company and a leading provider of software and services to the publishing industry, announced that The Christian Science Monitor, the Boston-based source for national and international news and commentary since 1908, has purchased a 75-seat installation of the K4 Publishing System for its newsroom.