What makes VPS servers a good choice?

When it comes to hosting, there are primarily 3 main types of servers that you can choose from – shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated instances. Each one of these hosting options has its own advantages and drawbacks. However, over the recent years, virtual private servers, simply referred to as VPS servers for short, have been becoming increasingly more popular and prominent, taking center stage. But what makes them so unique in comparison to the other 2 hosting alternatives? Let’s find out!

VPS servers and their main features

Virtual private servers make use of the so-called virtualization technology. This allows them to create individual virtual machines, with each having its own separate resources. This is what sets them apart from shared hosting for example, where the server resources need to be split between the server’s occupants. Dedicated servers on the other hand are entirely reserved for only one user, making them the most expensive option out of all of the hosting alternatives. This results in VPS servers combining the best of both worlds, offering high-quality performance and independent resources for a much more affordable price.

Additionally, the biggest advantage of virtual private servers is their ability to scale both upwards and downwards, meaning that you can expand or downgrade your server if you so choose or need to. This is a fantastic option to have as you can easily accommodate any unexpected traffic towards your website or application. It can also aid you if your business suffers from the effects of seasonality, allowing you to get more resources for your stronger seasons.

Moreover, some hosting providers offer a service like Bitcoin VPS, that allows you to pay for your servers using Bitcoin. But why is this an advantage? Paying with crypto enables you to protect your privacy and remain anonymous during the entire transaction process. It basically involves moving crypto from one address to another. This is not to say that such transactions are entirely untraceable, but your privacy is ultimately more protected than if using a traditional payment method such as a bank transfer or a third-party application like PayPal. Furthermore, making international transactions is way cheaper in comparison to any of the aforementioned alternatives because of the fact that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning that it cannot be regulated by one single authority.

Finally, you also have complete root access to your VPS server, allowing you to download and install any applications and software that can help you manage your server, website or application.

All of these features make virtual private servers a very suitable option for both newcomers and experienced professionals that have been in the field of hosting for a long time. The scalability that they can offer makes them extremely flexible and adaptable to any business, project or situation, meaning that even if you cannot predict the amount of traffic that you expect to be getting, you should not worry as you can always purchase additional resources later.